If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Are you tired of waking up each day dreading another day where you feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied, unheard, anxious, worried, depressed, misunderstood, and just plain stuck?

What if I told you we could change that? 

What if I told you we could free you from the stagnation of your Groundhog day? What if instead, you woke up excited to see what amazing and awe-inspiring events were to unfold for you each day? What if I told you life could be filled with joy, love, curiosity, wonderment, and ease?

What if I told you that within 3-6 months, your life could take on a whole new form. One that you choose…

Would you believe me? Let me show you!

“What are you up to?”

… is a phrase I ask my daughters when they are doing something questionable. By now, they know what it means: to look a little closer at what they’re doing or how they’re doing it. It doesn’t require an explanation from them, but what it does is create a pause for insight, and space to choose… something better.

We all have the ability to choose.

We just need to slow down enough to see it, to observe the cycles we find ourselves in, to gain a fresh perspective, and hopefully a chance to modify our experiences in order to align with who we are more closely. Many of us live very far from who we are. Have you noticed?

Your soul has a calling here on earth. Do you know what it is? Do you hear what it is whispering to you? Do you feel like you are walking your most authentic path? Do you find ease in life and fulfillment around every corner? If not, then…

“What are you up to?”

Life can be profoundly beautiful, once we learn to shift out of what does not serve us.

Life can take on a whole new form. One that is fulfilling, beautiful and awe-inspiring much of the time.

Yes, love. It’s true!

Hi! I’m Jean!

I have been exploring my inner worlds as far back as I can remember. I have always been interested in the human condition and why people behave in certain ways. No wonder I landed in the field of psychology! I just truly love people. I love their quirks, their triggers, and their truths. I love the courage it takes to step into a better way of being. I love to inspire people to see the best within themselves and to help them live within that authenticity. I love being a catalyst for great change in those who are ready, and if you have found me, I suspect that is you!

I have helped thousands of people shift into a better place throughout my lifetime. I see potential and truth. I see how people can become stuck as they so strongly identify with old pieces of Self and past experiences. Many times, we base our future expectations on that very past. You can imagine how detrimental that can become. When we learn to let go of who we think we are, we can then become who we are meant to be! I will guide you through the old so you can emerge as the most authentic YOU! Once we begin to see those patterns, we gently work through them by utilizing energy work, awareness, and implementing strategies into daily life. I work with you at your own pace and will lovingly nudge you out of your comfort zone from time to time. 😉

“It’s incredibly difficult to articulate the impact of Jean’s work. The experience of it is so vast, our language does not suffice. What I can say is that her ability to “tune in” and relay guidance critical for true healing is unique and profound. In one short session she facilitated a life-altering breakthrough with an emotional trauma I’d been carrying around for MANY years. She peeled away layers of dead wood in just moments and reframed experiences in a way that reached my core. I am so very grateful she’s here to help us all step up our games – authentically, for the greater good.”

~ Judith Godwin

Introducing –
Self Mastery Mentorship!

Much can be said of what takes place within the realm of mentorship sessions, but the outcome is the same – breakthrough awareness. This awareness serves to show you what is working, what is not, and how to change it.

Whether in person or at a distance, our sessions will work to bridge the gap between your current reality and your desired future. My purest intention is to assist you in clearing through any obstacles, so we can create the best expression of a reality that aligns with YOU!

So, what if you had a companion on your journey who could help to open your eyes a bit wider in order to gain more clarity of blocks in your life and how to clear them? What would it feel like to have a confidant who was committed to helping you achieve your goals in life? One who also serves as a spiritual advisor to help you release limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging life patterns more permanently? Imagine gaining the ability to fully step into your potential with clarity, courage, and direction, and crafting a life from that powerful place!

“Working with Jean has been a transformative experience. She is a gifted healer, a loving coach and the most powerful catalyst you could imagine on the path to finding your heart’s truth and your life’s purpose. She has helped in a very profound way to help me uncover and remove my self-limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck and ultimately unhappy. It’s almost hard to understand how far I have come in the year since I started working with Jean. What I can say with absolute certainty is that I am a happier, healthier, more centered, loving and self-aware person than I was before. I will be forever grateful for the tremendous impact Jean has had on my life. Simply put, working with her will change your life in ways you can’t begin to imagine.”

“Follow your bliss and universe will open doors where there were only walls”

~ Katie Hoover

Why a program?

When you make a conscious choice to commit to Self, your life changes. Period.

Throughout my years of work, I have noticed that clients who commit to regular sessions are the ones who make lasting changes. Compare this to a weight-loss program: If you’re eating fast foods but desire to improve your health, eating a salad once a month will not get you very far. My program works the same way. A true intention, consistency, and commitment to Self are vital. Energy patterns and behaviors did not originate in a day, and it takes more than just one session to clear them completely.

True healing and self-discovery unfold in layers. We begin with the current priority and work our way inward. Each session works to peel back layers blocking you from living the life you desire. Utilizing a combination of Energy Healing and awareness, we release stuck emotions, physical pain, energetic blocks, and free you from the baggage of the past. It is a beautiful unfoldment, and a reacquainting with your inner self!

You will see changes after each session that will continue to ripple outward long afterward. At first, you may feel extremely relaxed, content, and just more clear. Then, you may begin to see synchronicities happening more frequently as you gain greater insight. Next, life begins to take on a whole new form and your external world begins to shift as it will always reflect your inner alignment. You will begin to see how powerful you are at creating your reality just by recalibrating your inner compass.

Your relationships will deepen, money will flow more effortlessly, and you will have more time to do the things you enjoy. All from committing a bit of time to YOU!

And soon, you are designing a life you LOVE to live in…

“Jean is simply amazing. As a therapist, as a coach, as a nurturer; she gives you everything you need and then some. I feel so loved and supported in her presence, and have had profound personal breakthroughs through her work.

As a fellow healer, I find it challenging to find bodyworkers that have the purest intentions as well as amazing skill set. Jean has both. You are not just another person on her schedule. You are her priority every time. And this is a special gift.”

~ Lindsay Simmons

Let’s Begin!

What the program includes:

Discovery Session

How long have you been in a state of discontent? I want to explore what is not working in your life so we can create a game plan to remedy those challenges. If you are not ecstatic about everything in your life, bring it to the table. Let’s get in it so we can move through it!

Before the session, you will receive an in-depth questionnaire that will inform the direction of our work. We will then begin our time together with an intensive 90-minute Discovery Session where you and I dig deep and envision your plans for your future. This session will not only cultivate clarity on your vision but will also allow you to experience the potential of the work. Nothing compares to being in sacred partnership in which you feel heard, supported, motivated, and inspired!

One-on-one support

You’ll get one-on-one support with me through the entire program. Not only am I available to you via email, but we’ll have one-on-one private sessions to make sure you’re clear, aligned and making progress with your unique strategy. Our work together will be a mix of coaching, consulting, strategy, and energy work depending on what your needs are for each session. Including:

60-minute sessions including an integrated combination of:

  • Private Energy Sessions – these sessions are completely catered to your immediate needs. As I have been channeling the Archangels and Ascended Masters for several years, this session will be led by spirit with the focus on your current priority. It may include chakra balancing, aura cleansing, removal of energetic or emotional blocks, past life regressions, soul-retrieval work, guided imagery, etc. These sessions can be performed in person or at a distance via Skype or similar.
  • Private Mentorship Sessions – these sessions include channeled guidance and serve to get and keep you on track towards reaching your truest potential. We can discuss relationships with self and others, career, dreams, life purpose, moving through anxiety, depression or self-sabotage, etc. These sessions are designed to be an open platform for you to express, be heard, and gain tools and awareness in order to help you create the life you have always wanted.

These sessions are designed to help you:

  • Uncover self-sabotage and remove self-limiting beliefs
  • Create healthy boundaries to make space for your needs
  • Free yourself from pain and dis-ease
  • Break free of cycles that have kept you in repeating patterns so that you can begin to draw in experiences you do want
  • Gain an understanding of your triggers and how to respond to them so that you feel empowered and in control of your emotions
  • Increase your confidence levels
  • Resolve relationship challenges and gain an understanding of what is your responsibility and what is not
  • Create a deeper dialogue with your guidance system so you operate from clarity versus confusion
  • Recognize “Ego” and learn when it serves you and when it doesn’t
  • Step into your abundance and flow so that financial worries will be a thing of the past
  • Combat depression and imbalances 
  • Learn how to really trust yourself as you explore your potential

Support at your Fingertips

You will have access to me throughout the program. As you begin this process of discovering yourself in greater ways, it is important that you feel supported. You will find that you crave a better way of being. It can be confusing to know how to respond differently than you have in the past. I am here to assist you in working through those questions as they arise.

Programs start at $897

Sound like something you would like to explore?

I can be reached at 843-991-2456 or via email below to schedule a complimentary 30 minute call.

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My work is a blend of several modalities that address the many layers of each person. While traditional therapy gives clarity to life, and energy healing balances and clears the energetic field, my work combines both, as well as channeled guidance. This powerful combination sets the stage for getting to the core of your struggles, and healing from that place so that you are liberated from those patterns emotionally, physically, energetically, and spiritually. Permanently.

I always say, “If you have found me, you are ready for permanent change and transformation”. My work is very deep and heals to the core, layer by layer. To truly clear through your struggles, it takes a bit of commitment to Self and dedication to the process. So, if you are just getting started on this journey to Self awareness and understanding, I would recommend a program. 

When beginning a program, we will begin with a 90-minute Discovery Session where we bring clarity to your intentions and direction. You’ll receive a pre-session questionnaire which serves several purposes: It will assist you to clarify your vision for the future, articulate the challenges you face right now, and identify the shifts you want to make to become the person whose life is in harmony with your vision and values. And, your responses will help me get to know you better so that we can focus directly on the issues you wish to address during our sessions.

We are programmed to avoid things that invoke fear. Change of any sort will usually bring up those fears. Our Ego minds and subconscious beliefs sometimes show up during this time to continue the self sabotage and keep us stuck. This is usually one of the first blocks we clear within this program. This clearing frees you up to begin to make decisions based on your desires, and no longer your fears. 

Your beliefs and the story you tell yourself is probably what led you here in the first place and is most likely the exact thing that is asking to be healed. We do not think twice in spending money on a new TV or the latest iPhone but possibly have not placed value on Self-care as it is less tangible. When we can see what our money has given us, we feel safe within that purchase and know what we paid for. Within this work, there are no limits of what can transform but can feel ambiguous at first. It is vast and multi-dimensional, and branches out to many areas of life. There is not one thing that changes, but everything evolves. It is difficult to place this work in a container. Sometimes, we just need to trust where we are lead.

Many times, people struggle with financial abundance and time and time again, I have witnessed fear and limiting beliefs as the main components of that struggle. This program is meant to move you through limiting beliefs of money and the lack of, so it ripples out in all aspects of life. Once you break through that fear of not having enough, you will always have enough. This leap takes courage, I am not going to lie. But, once you take that leap and show up for your life, the universe amplifies your intention and aligns you with all that you are meant to have. I am here to show you exactly how to do that.

I always say we are led to where our soul leads us. If you are lead here, you have the means to do this work, and are ready for it! 

If paying monthly, we will enter into a contract. Sessions will be prepaid for each upcoming month. This reserves your special spot on my calendar.

If making payment in full, a discount will be applied.

We will work together to structure your appointments on a set schedule if possible. I do offer various appointments throughout the day as well as some evening appointments.

I am gifted in the field of Distance Healing and maintain cleints all over the world. We can Face-time, Skype or call for our appointed times in order to keep you on track in the best way possible!