It is Time to Move from Struggle to Success.

You no longer need to live in ways that don't work. If you find you are struggling in life, you might be living more in your past than in your present. Once you learn that your backstory does not need to dictate your future, life will never be the same!

21-Day alignment Journey-11

The 5 Day Resistance Cleanse Helps You:

  • Recognize how your backstory may be perpetuating a future you do not like.

  • Learn to apply focus where real change can be made.

  • Release what is actually keeping you stuck.

  • Learn how you are creating obstacles for yourself and how not to!

  • Bring awareness to the unconscious programs that have been running your life.

This Condensed 5-Day Online Course Will Assist You In Seeing How You Are Getting In Your Own Way, And How to Move Out Of it!

We Focus On the 3 Main Components Of Healing For Deeper Level Transformation.



You get five daily lessons to make serious shifts in your perspective and awareness. Learn how the programs of the past are preventing you from creating your desired future.



The Guided Healing Transmissions are what create deep and more permanent healing.  

Trauma (Limiting beliefs, physical injury, mental or emotional disruption) settles into your energy system and perpetuates programs and habitual patterns that keep you stuck. 

Old unhealed trauma can be a magnet for similar experiences. Healing it will liberate you from your past in profound ways. 



You receive an "Internal Explorations" Journal with this course. These daily prompts will assist you in seeing beyond the limitations that are currently running your reality and instead access your truth. 

As a reminder, your truth is that you are loved, worthy, and abundant. I would love to help you step back into that truth. 

What we cover:

  • Day 1 - Is Your Backstory Creating Your Future?

    Learn how your backstory creates potential limitations and resistance in moving forward into a life experience you would prefer. 

  • Day 2 - Clearing the Energy of Resistance

    You learn how rejecting parts of Self can prove to be detrimental to your ability to create the life you desire. When you can fully accept all aspects of yourself, especially the deeper, more vulnerable parts, you can operate from a sense of wholeness and peace. 

  • Day 3 - From Problems to Solutions

    You will learn what keeps most people stuck in resistance and how to shift your focus onto something that will produce change. Perceptions shifts and dedication to yourself can make all the difference in staying stuck or moving ahead. 

  • Day 4 - How to Let Go of Original Wounds

    We explore what happens within the systems of the mind that can keep you stuck in the past and in resistance to moving forward.

  • Day 5 - Translating Information into Wisdom

    Learn how to translate daily experiences into information to know precisely what is asking to be healed. You can quickly move through any challenges when you can see and understand how you are getting in your own way. 


Your Guide

My mission has always been to help others up-level their lives and cultivate the changes they seek.

Over the past two decades, I have been blessed to work with clients worldwide. In helping thousands of clients, I have seen what works, have learned the most effective strategies in clearing through deep blocks, stagnations, patterns, programs, and self-sabotage, and how to cultivate fast change.

I have seen it all! And I have seen the many ways that people get in their own way by default. When you are aware of the undercurrent of patterns and programs running, you no longer are a victim of circumstance but can reclaim your free will and choice. You then become the master of your reality.

My intentions are to share the most effective strategies to date and teach you precisely how to process your inner worlds, so you can always feel empowered to make the change you desire. 

Remember, you have everything within that you need. It is time to come into that truth and potential. I would love to help you find your way back in!