“To love is to recognize yourself in another”
~ Eckhart Tolle

“Jean is simply amazing.

” As a therapist, as a coach, as a nurturer; she gives you everything you need and then some. I feel so loved and supported in her presence, and have had profound personal breakthroughs through her work.
As a fellow healer, I find it challenging to find bodyworkers that have the purest intentions as well as amazing skill set. Jean has both. You are not just another person on her schedule. You are her priority every time. And this is a special gift.”
~ Lindsay Simmons

“At the end of an energy session, the incredible Jean Maczko helped me dive into an eye issue. The session was originally intended to treat my TMJ but I had mentioned my eye struggles and in the last three minutes of our session she tipped her toes in the ocean of complications that are my eyes. What she unearthed in the mysterious depths was incredible. She instantly had a huge hit (an intuitive sensation, vision, or psychic knowledge) of my past life as an extremely old and powerful Witch Doctor/Medicine Woman!My eyes were a milky-white, cloudy blind and my hair was an untamed grey. My other senses had developed so gloriously that I could see without the use of my eyes. Jean then explained that I have an attachment to my past life, that leads myself to believe I need to be blind to see. To see all that is unseen.

So desperate to become the Seer everyone tells me I am, I manifest the dissolve of my human vision. After my session, I know this self sabotage is unnecessary.”
– Madison Rosenberger, Mt Pleasant

“Jean is both a profound healer and an amazing teacher.

I first met her while attending meditations at The Collective, Jean’s Healing Center. I was able to get to know her and decided to have an energy healing session. It was an enlightening experience. She worked on my auric field and chakra system, healing and cleansing where she was led. Questions I posed during my session equipted me with tools to work with in the future, and I left feeling renewed and able to better work on my journey towards self understanding.”
– Deanna Smith, Mt Pleasant

“Working with Jean has been a transformative experience.

She is a gifted healer, a loving coach and the most powerful catalyst you could imagine on the path to finding your heart’s truth and your life’s purpose. She has helped in a very profound way to help me uncover and remove my self-limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck and ultimately unhappy. It’s almost hard to understand how far I have come in the year since I started working with Jean. What I can say with absolute certainty is that I am a happier, healthier, more centered, loving and self-aware person than I was before. I will be forever grateful for the tremendous impact Jean has had on my life. Simply put, working with her will change your life in ways you can’t begin to imagine.”
~ Katie Hoover

“Picture this, you see your higher self, your oasis, your peace of mind & heart…

But as you move toward theses visions, you hit a glass wall.
Jean helped me break down that wall and opened my soul to an entire new world.”
– Elizabeth Lee

“I came to Charleston filled with fear and heartbreak from a small town in the middle of South Carolina where few if any of us had ever heard of Reiki. Jean was recommended to me by a good friend who thought I would benefit from a session. That was an understatement. Jean is both a counselor as well as a Reiki Master, and after my first session she helped lift a very dark cloud that had been hanging over me for some time. I will continue to go to her regularly so that I can keep that positive energy flowing.”
– Betsy Barrineau
“Jean is a true blue energy worker.

Jean is a true blue energy worker as well as wonderful and beautiful spirit. It is a delight to open up and be in her presence.”
– Eyren Mills

““It’s incredibly difficult to articulate the impact of Jean’s work. The experience of it is so vast, our language does not suffice.

What I can say is that her ability to “tune in” and relay guidance critical for true healing is unique and profound. In one short session she facilitated a life-altering breakthrough with an emotional trauma I’d been carrying around for MANY years. She peeled away layers of dead wood in just moments and reframed experiences in a way that reached my core. I am so very grateful she’s here to help us all step up our games – authentically, for the greater good.”
~ Judith Godwin

“One of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had!

My appointment with Jean was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! Jeans healing energy and knowledge is a true gift. I can’t wait to go again!
– Janice Miranda

“Jean is a dream coach, mentor, friend, and sister – her exuberance for living, sharing, and healing is infectious and loving. She is an incredible leader!” – Meg Bornstein
“The healing work I have done with Jean has always been extremely profound and transformative.

Jean has the ability to help me see things that I am at times, unable to see on my own. Her gift of sight and instinct is unmatched to anything I have experienced!” – Kelly M

When the world becomes a bit heavy to wear, or the muscles become too sore and tight to bear you always offer sweet relief.

You truly have a healers touch. Your body work is always spot on and your energy work always seems to somehow sort me out. Life is better for knowing you.

Thanks for putting up with the various aches and pains and blocked chakras!

All my best,
Jessica Schmidlapp