Typically, when we reflect on the previous year, we find ourselves thinking in terms of what was wrong and what we would like to change. We like to hit January hard with brutal workout regimes, limited calories, and longer hours at work in efforts to stay on top of things, etc. In reality, where does that leave us? Not more than a month later, we are back to doing things the same way we once did, but now possibly carry the guilt of failure. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a fantastic way to begin a new year to me!

As we step forward into the new year of intention, what would life look like if we instead focused on what WAS working? By thinking that way, we change our entire perception to being open to the natural laws of the universe, and the facets of ourselves that we would like to improve will begin to shift organically. You may find that you achieve much greater results by focusing on incorporating healthy, gentle, and nurturing habits that benefit your well being rather than over-doing or over-committing to things which are too difficult to maintain. Use this delightful energy of the new year’s momentum to create lasting change for a better life experience. If you set your intentions to the universe, “My happiness is a priority”, or “My health is a priority”, then the universe will conspire on your behalf to make that your new reality.

We are under the false illusion that we need to do things a certain way to see results. I ask you to take a deeper look within. To be honest with yourself as to what your needs actually are. Only you know what resonates and what feels right. We tend to spend a lot of time worrying about what others think. This year, I implore you to search within your own hearts and to connect in that place. Take some time to reflect on your needs. What are they? What feels good to you to incorporate into your life? What changes would you like to embrace within, in order to create a more joyful life experience?

A dear friend of mine said something to me a few years ago, and it completely transformed my life. She said, “What would your life look like if you only did things for your highest good?”. What?? Wait… Hmmmmm – what would that look like?? I gave it some thought and decided it was time to find out. It has been nothing short of miraculous! What I found was mind-blowing. I found that as I did things that best served my needs, things automatically seemed to work for the highest good of others around me as well. The universe is set up to work with us, if we let it. Try it, you will see. 🙂 So, I ask you now to get out of your heads and step into your heart space. Get out of your own way of limiting beliefs about how you should do things.

Trust yourselves. Trust your instincts. You are brilliant and infinite beings! You got this!!

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