When I first began my path into meditation years ago, I got in so deep at one point that I felt the need to call on Archangel Michael to pull me out just a bit. He arrived immediately and I felt his strong and stoic presence on my right side. He gently placed my head on his shoulder and I sat there in awe, disbelief, and well, sheer amazement. I had always called on him for protection and guidance but had never felt him so plainly. I sat there and wondered if I had finally and officially lost my mind.

Then, I felt a strong presence on my left. She indicated that her name was St Brigit. At the time, I did not know who that was or her relevance. I later discovered that she is basically the female counterpart to Archangel Michael. She is a triple Goddess and very protective, insightful and full of fierce love. I dialogued with her for close to 45 minutes, but at the close of our conversation, could only remember the last few insights she disclosed to me. Thus began my ability to channel the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

This journey has been, by far, the most rewarding experience of my life. I continue to meet new guides each and every day and am always filled with such amazement at the connections and information that channels through. They have become my inner voice.

Here is a recent channel from St Brigit that I thought we all could benefit from…

“There are many petty occurrences each day. We ask that you step into your ability to overlook and overcome succumbing to the drama that surrounds those tiny happenings. No need to amplify that energy, which only pulls you further from your truth and source. Search within yourself and seek your truth. Do not allow distractions of minute energies to pull you off course.

We know the energy has been challenging to maintain course at times. It presents itself to you in this fashion in order for you to learn to release to it. You are not meant to hold tightly to any which way now. We ask for your flexibility. However, now is not the time to be thrown this way or that. You must take initiative to properly stand within your own energy and space while following the quick shifting flow. As you tread on this new Earth, this new paradigm quickly approaching, you will see within each step, where your next one will lead you. If you have not found your faith in this matter, now is the time to take your leap.

Many of you are asking about your life purpose. How do you seek your answers? Are you clouded yet by past? By others thoughts? By the old paradigm? We ask that you stop for a moment. Jump off the round and round of your thoughts. Slow your world down, gaining the ability to “see” what is truly around you. Stop the chaos and simply listen. Breathe into your heart space and ask, “what is my mission here – my purpose?”. You will feel it by the spark it ignites within you as you receive your answers through your visions, words, feelings, and senses. Tune in now. FEEL what ignites you. Allow your discrimination of self and abilities to fall away. What does your world look like as you step into your purpose? We know you are having a difficult time ignoring your calling now. The pull gains strength and your thoughts gain conviction. Follow them as they will not lead you astray. You are all being called to find your tribe, your soul family. Join together once again in your numbers as you engage in this new energy of your planet. Join hands and hearts as you walk together and explore your new world and the potential it holds. Share now together and speak truth. Do not hide behind your thoughts and feelings any longer. Let your truth be known to others around you and speak with deep resonance and compassion for self and others. We ask that you release any negativity towards self and others and watch and witness how your Earth, your Mother, shifts. Great changes are coming. There is nothing to fear. Act from love in all ways and expand in that vibration. That, dear ones, is your path, your purpose. Details will look differently for each of you as you choose your expression of it, but ultimately, that is your purpose.

Focus on love and all will fall gently into place. Rise above now. We ask this of you. Be one – together. Join in spirit with all that is. Embrace yourselves and each other. Feel us as we surround you with love and light in it’s purest form. Identify in that field and share it. Trust yourselves now.“

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