When I first began my awakening, the depth of feelings I experienced was overwhelming. The good became even brighter, and the “bad” became even more intense. I was thrown into rapid ascension. I asked for that as I wanted to accelerate in my gifts. What was I thinking?? I am glad I did it now but going through it, not sure if I could compassionately recommend it to anyone else. But it led me to question everything. The life I was attempting to lead did not belong to me. How long had I been pretending, I wondered?
We have all been there – traditionally speaking, we attempt to “fit in” to what is normal in this society in which we live, but sometimes, things just feel a bit…well…off. You buy the house that society deems acceptable for your family, you drive the proper car for your lifestyle, you work to keep up with the Jones’s and acquire all the latest gadgets and gizmos. But is this picture perfect lifestyle authentic to YOU?

What happens when you realize that this life is not what you want or who you are? When you realize that you do not want “stuff” and begin to find much deeper meaning in the world around you. When you begin to see all of humanity as an integrated whole and you see immense love in each and every person and living thing. And when you find yourself all of the sudden valuing the life of a cockroach. Yes, I said it… Don’t judge. You want to share this magical expression with everyone you encounter, but quickly find this concept to be quite foreign to some you share life with. What do you do when you are experiencing things that others around you have not even fathomed? You might begin to feel all alone on this big ball of elements. So, what then, do you do? You find your tribe.

So, what the heck is Ascension?

Ascension involves raising your vibration from one frequency/dimension/realm into a higher one. It helps you access deeper states of wisdom and information than what is typical for this 3D realm we reside in. Ascension creates a shift in consciousness that allows expansion of awareness and understanding of universal oneness. You begin to see how you fit into this planet with all that is, but also begin to see the gaps that exist between you and pretty much everyone else who has not awakened yet. Once you begin this awakening into higher vibrations, you begin to understand the term unconditional love, and it becomes effortless to release judgments about self and others. You begin to deeply love all you encounter and desire to help them in their own awakening while finding that you can honor them exactly where they are on their path. All of the sudden, things make sense. It is truly a beautiful thing.

What is your Purpose?

So, now that you are on your journey to self, you begin to understand that you are here for a purpose – a greater one than you could have imagined! You begin your quest to find out what that is and what to do about it. It can be intimidating at first, but you quickly realize that this journey is completely supported by powers that be, and you may find great ease in the process – if you can get out of your own way!

Inevitably, a piece of your purpose will be in helping others awaken. Your expression in serving the global awakening will be unique and you are encouraged to follow the distinct path that feels relevant to you. You may feel hesitant in sharing your new found knowledge with others and may find putting words to describe it challenging at times. You may also have trepidation in sharing this ancient wisdom that you are now privy to in fear that you will be locked up somewhere that offers craft time each day at 2 o’clock. You may wonder about your own sanity. But let me assure you – this is normal – well, your new normal. Welcome to my world. 🙂

Taking One for the Team

In short, your new job will consist of helping the awakening, while working through all your old pain, heartache, fear, betrayal/forgiveness issues, self-love/value issues, and to help others do the same. You will find that you become a mirror for others and their healing and them of you. You may wonder why you, all the sudden, invoke strong emotions in people around you, or why your sheer presence will inspire tears of release in a perfect stranger, and why you feel resistant to much of your old life. Sounds confusing, and quite honestly, not too fun, right?! But, please trust me when I say, this will prove to be the most beautiful unfoldment one can experience. Why? Because on the other side of all this, is truth.

How Healing Works

Once you begin to release all that no longer serves you, you will find that others come into your life to support you in this process. You serve a purpose for each other and every single experience can offer growth and evolution of your spirit. It will further you on your path and new and amazing doors will open to expose an even greater realm of existence. It may not be comfortable at times, and you may feel like bolting pretty much daily, but I assure you, if you hold strong, face your demons, and walk through your past hurts, your life will become unimaginably beautiful.

What next?

One thing to remember in all this is that everyone comes in with amazing, profound, and unique gifts. How we express them is up to us as we have free will. It was channeled to me that no one should mimic anyone else’s gifts. “They” said we should find the true expression of our own. They said we are all here with the same ultimate mission – to love, share love, teach love, express love, and be loved. Not the kind of free love of the 60’s, but a much deeper resonating love – the kind that can change humanity. The kind that once expressed, can transform a person forever.

Love heals all wounds

When we can release our walls of past hurts and actually allow love in (self-love as well as love from others), we reach new levels of vibration. Within this higher vibration comes the power to easily manifest our desires, and may find that life now carries an ease that it once lacked. We may notice synchronicities happening more often, aligning us with our authentic selves. We gain the ability to find joy in pretty much every situation. Every moment in life becomes one to savor.

So, as we step forward now into this new energy that has been presenting itself, embrace who YOU are. Embrace the new levels of vibration that are now resonating through each one of us and our beloved Mother Earth. Tune into that frequency and realize the profundity of living here and now, during this great time of change. As we work through releasing what no longer serves us, please remember to bring intentions of self-love, empowerment, and gratitude for lessons learned as we move forward into the bright new path before us!


I open my heart to divine love and light.

I embrace my unique light and gifts.

Magic happens when I choose happiness and gratitude.

I have all the tools I need to manifest the life I desire and am completely supported by the universal energy.

Until next time – Jean

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