Once You Learn YOUR Specific Process, You Will Never Feel Stuck Again.

If you are “just done” with the way life has been functioning, you are in the right place, my friend.

Limitless online course is your direct path to finally healing your past and creating a life you LOVE!


To make real and lasting change in your life, you have to learn the basics of transformation. But, there's a problem...

  • You feel isolated, filled with self-doubt, and just don't know how to move forward.

  • You have tried what has worked for others, but you haven't experienced lasting positive results. 

  • You try to be positive, but deep down wonder if your efforts will ever pay off. 

  • You feel stuck, and fear you will never break free of the discomfort and struggle.

  • Or maybe, you feel you know what to do, but lack the missing piece of how.

How much time have you spent trying to figure out that ONE thing that will finally make the difference?

I've got you!

Introducing Limitless!!

An online course dedicated to helping you heal your past and transform your future. 

Limitless is a proven step-by-step system that walks you through exactly what is standing in the way of living your best life.

Once you learn how to identify your specific blocks, you will never feel stuck again.


Limitless helps you:

  • Successfully implement lasting change. Once you learn your specific process, you will never again doubt your ability to make change. 

  • Build confidence and eliminate confusion with step-by-step guidance. No more guessing what to do, or if you are doing it right. Feel empowered and in control of your reality. 

  • Receive what you want by aligning with your potential. Stop trying to create from limitation. 

  • Drop off the backstory and the ways that do not work. Learn and allow in a new and easier way of being. 

How is this course different from others out there?

This course works on every level of your being where you may be stagnating, including:


Mental body

We clear out looping and destructive thought patterns and programs and retrain your mind to better-feeling thoughts.


Emotional body

We address triggers and heal stuck emotions that keep you in emotional bondage. Learn how to feel better every day.


Energy body

We deeply cleanse and decongest your energy field of trauma, energetic stagnancies, and heavy/dense/depressing energy.


Spiritual body

We up-level your awareness and assist in your evolutionary process. You will gain clarity and confidence as you align with your true Self.


Physical body

As we clear your energy body, physical stagnations, dis-ease, and pain also begin to dissolve. You can begin to find comfort and ease.

Here's how it all breaks down:



You get nine life-changing modules that will seriously shift your perspective and change your life.

The main reason people get stuck is that they are trying to make changes from the same mindset that created the challenges in the first place. A new perspective, a deep reset, and a new foundation is needed. But, how do you learn how to do that?

The modules within Limitless give clarity of what is blocking you from living your best life and offer direct tools and insights to make the lasting changes you seek.

Here's what we'll cover:

Module 1
Your Thoughts are Creating Your Reality

Your life can feel challenging because your thoughts are based on limiting beliefs. This module will teach you how to master your thoughts so that you can create a life filled with ease, freedom, and fulfillment.

Learn the inner workings of your mind so you can become the master of your thoughts and, ultimately, your life.

Module 2
Embodying Emotional Balance

You are wasting an enormous amount of energy reacting to triggers in life. This lesson teaches you how to prevent down spiraling, overcome overwhelm, and live life feeling balanced and in control of your emotions.

Module 3
Silencing the Inner Critic

Our self-talk is very powerful in creating our realities and can sabotage our efforts if left unchecked. In this lesson, we will explore how to recognize when that inner critic is piping in and how to silence it! You need a cheerleader, not a critic!

Module 4
Feeling Good More Consistently

Your life might resemble a wild roller coaster with occasional high highs and very low lows. When we are influenced by everything around us, life can feel confusing and overwhelming. This module offers specific processes to ensure you have what you need to feel empowered, centered, and balanced no matter what comes your way.

Module 5
Release Resistance and Fear

Many people spend their precious time and energy regretting the past and fearing that the history will repeat itself. Think about how many hours per day you might be spending on things that are no longer relevant and cannot be changed. In this lesson, we will discover how to release past energy of regret, failure, guilt, and shame and build confidence in making decisions for a better future.

This one is a game-changer.

Module 6
Releasing Blocks to Love

Many people know what they want when it comes to love but have a hard time aligning with it. In this lesson, I will take you behind the scenes of your heart space to get crystal clear of what is standing in the way of allowing in your perfectly aligned partner. We will manage blocks like abandonment and rejection, opening you to a pure flow of unconditional love. These lessons apply to those searching for "the one", or those already in partnership looking to deepen their connection.

Module 7
Restoring Health and Vitality

Do you struggle with health challenges that remain unresolved? Stuck energy will cause pain and dis-ease in the body. In this lesson, you will discover precisely where those stagnations originated and translate their meaning so that you can heal more efficiently at the core level. Once you understand how to heal those parts, you become free and no longer a victim of limitation.

Module 8
Clearing Abundance and Money Blocks...for good!

Are you tired of the struggle and constantly feeling a looming sense of lack? This lesson manages specific patterns linked to abundance blocks that inhibit financial freedom. These typically consist of the inability to receive, worthiness challenges, and blocks in the energetic system responsible for safety and stability. It is time to move away from fight or flight and living in survival mode. I will help you execute a plan to move through the most stubborn blocks so you can create an endless stream of abundance, feel more secure, and be able to make decisions based on choice rather than fear.

Module 9
The Art of Receiving

Many people who are sensitive to others will exhibit patterns of over-giving. In this insightful lesson, discover how to determine how much to give and when, how to read expectations vs. actual need, and understand and strengthen the borders of your own energy. Your understanding of this energy is your superpower, and learning it will ensure a more balanced existence.



The Guided Healing Transmissions are what make your Limitless course different from other coaching courses. If you are not addressing your energy system, you miss the main component of permanent healing and transformation.

Trauma ( Limiting beliefs, physical injury, mental or emotional disruption ) settles into your energy system and will stay there until you address it. This aspect of Limitless is VITAL and will produce a gentle but profound release of any blocks and obstacles you are currently enduring.

Old unhealed trauma can be a magnet for similar experiences. Healing it will liberate you from your past in profound ways. 

These healings work to:

  • Clear out depressed and heavy energy so that you feel light and inspired.
  • Release stress from your body so it can heal from physical pain and feel vital and energized.
  • Clear away looping thoughts of worry, fear, and self-sabotage so that you can finally make choices based on desire and no longer on fear. 
  • Let go of old programs that have been running in default mode and have been causing limitations in your life. When you release the baggage, your hands are free to embrace what you choose!

You receive 9 Guided Healing Transmissions specific to each module's theme. When you clear your energy with these healings, EVERYTHING shifts - not only the direct challenge you are working on, but many additional blocks begin to flow out of your system as well. 

Within this deep level of healing, you learn what it feels like to nurture your soul. It seems to be an afterthought for some, but it is the key if you want permanent and transformative healing.

I'm finding the journaling/meditation portion of Limitless so powerful. I feel like I've moved a mountain over the last two days. I've achieved closure in a situation that has been difficult for a long time. Still feeling it all through, but the change is remarkable. Thank you, Jean. This is powerful stuff, delivered in such a beautiful and gentle way. So grateful, and it's only week one!

~ J.O. Queensland, Australia

I just did the meditation again. Every time I've done it so far, I've had strong images of different areas healing. I was also aware that I was smiling throughout the meditation. I'm so glad that I found you, Jean, and so grateful for this work and the group. It is so good to have such positive energy to work with, especially as fear is spreading through the world right now. I'm glad that my energy is strong and clear, and that is what is going out into the world.

~ T.H. USA

Thank you, Jean. I can feel the difference in my energy, how in the past I would look outside of myself for love, and how I can now find that all within me. This is not a new concept for me, but now it feels like I can embody it. I feel this is laying the foundation for a beautiful life, and I am eagerly anticipating all the ways in which this will unfold. A beautiful thing!

~ S.H. Portugal



Throughout your Limitless program, you will get to know yourself at your depth through thought-provoking exercises and practices. Journey deep into your inner worlds and gain clarity of who you are beyond the limiting stories that dictate your current reality. When you get clear of who you are and what you want, it is easy to move in the direction that feeds your soul.

You will learn your specific process to permanent healing and transformation as you work through each module’s guidance. Clarity and confidence will replace the confusion, and you will feel liberated knowing you can finally cultivate a different life experience. Your painful past will soon be a distant memory.

Here's what people are saying within the Limitless group:

I love this stuff. It's amazing. Again, it's all stuff that I knew, but to feel it energetically and to change the energy is a completely different thing. It's funny that through all of this stuff, I would often say to myself - 'You know this!' 'Why are you still dealing with this stuff?' And I guess the answer is because I didn't know it completely, just conceptually. I can now put wisdom into practice. Thank you!

I feel like I've moved into a different space/platform. I'm finding that triggers that used to send me spiraling down no longer have that effect on me. Old beliefs are just falling away. Where I had beliefs around lack, I now have feelings and thoughts of - of course, that's going to be ok. Of course, that will work out. I know it's all fine. I'm also aware of how far I've come since working with you. I'm feeling gratitude every day for where I am right now, and thank you for supporting me with such love and wisdom.

I'm seeing so much and also releasing a lot - and feel very ready to do that. Patterns that have been entrenched for eons I now think 'Ok - Not anymore, then goodbye!'It feels the most loving thing to do for myself, and I have to say that I feel like I've discovered my heart for the first time. I was walking along this morning, smiling, happy, and sooo grateful, and I found myself actually whispering 'I love you' to myself over and over! It's the most amazing gift - to find all that I've been looking for out there, and much more, right inside me. If I saw you now, Jean, I'd give you the BIGGEST kiss ever!!!


Your Guide

It has always been my mission to help others up-level their lives and cultivate the changes they seek.

Over the past two decades, I have been blessed to work with clients all over the world. In helping thousands of clients, I have seen what works, have learned the most effective strategies in clearing through deep blocks, stagnations, patterns, programs, and self-sabotage, and how to cultivate fast change.

I have seen it all! And I have seen the many ways that people get in their own way by default. When you have an awareness of the undercurrent of patterns and programs running, you no longer are a victim of circumstance but can reclaim your free will and choice. You then become the master of your reality.

My intentions for this program are to share the most effective strategies to date, to teach you precisely how to process your inner worlds, and allow for plenty of support as you practice new ways of being in the present time.

It can be confusing to behave in ways that feel unfamiliar. Many people stagnate solely because they do not know how to do something they have never done before. That is where I come in. You will not be alone on this journey. I will be guiding you every step of the way. If you have ever wanted to learn better ways of being, this may be just what you have been looking for!

I hope you join me in living limitlessly!


Your plan is simple

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Move from confusion to clarity as you learn exactly what to do with step-by-step guidance.

Live your best life!

Finally experience the life you have always desired!

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Happy Student comments within the group:


If you have specific questions or would like to chat about what Limitless could do for you, please reach out! We would love to connect!