In the short period of time attending this workshop, I became more at one with myself. I came into this workshop so broken, lost, and confused. Due to Jean’s patience and understanding, I was able to break free of some of these negative energies holding me back from living life and letting go. I am absolutely in love with Jean and her work. It is worth every second! ~FS, Charleston

Through this workshop, I learned and reaffirmed that I am always enough and deeply connected to Source. Coming into Jean’s workshop as a blank slate allowed me to gain more than I ever could have imagined. Jean is a gifted teacher, healer, and kind human, and I am so thankful our paths aligned. This workshop is the beginning of my journey, and I can’t wait to learn more from her. ~ Katie Davis, Columbia

Jean is phenomenally gifted. Her energy and spirit are clear and uplifting. Working with her has enhanced many areas of my life, and I am grateful to have her on my side. ~ HD, Charleston

Jean is such a wonderful and amazing healer, and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Jean’s love of everyone in the class, as well as her love for what she is teaching, makes this such an amazing experience. I would honestly recommend Jean for Reiki or any of her other services. ~ Ruth Volinski, Charleston

This workshop is incredibly insightful. Jean is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything very well. I feel more comfortable with not only who I am, but how I can help others. ~ Katy Moldenhauer, Charleston

Connecting with other women and learning directly from Jean was life changing! Jean is an incredible teacher. Bridging the practical with the intangible, I left this workshop with a greater understanding of the healing power we each possess and a better understanding of how to use it in my life and the lives of those I love! ~ Stephanie Burg, Charleston

Jean is clear, calm, and compassionate. A true teacher and a facilitator of healing who shares her gift humbly and amazingly well! ~ Jessica Schmidlapp, Charleston

This workshop was an amazing experience. It expanded my knowledge of the roots of this practice and gave me the skills to better my life. It was a magical, uplifting, and educational day. Thank you, Jean. I look forward to level 2! ~ Jennifer Hirsh, Charleston

From the moment I walked in, I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be! Jean is a powerhouse of beautiful healing energy that radiates when you are in her presence. Her self-knowing, paired with her understanding of the cosmic field, has left me truly inspired!  ~ Francesca Maria Pardini, Charleston

Today was absolutely amazing and life-changing! Being able to have the opportunity to obtain my Reiki 1 certification is something I will always be grateful for. Jean is intuitive, kind, gentle, and a phenomenal teacher. Her gentle approach to healing is the perfect amount of push and guidance. I hope to replicate this in my future practice. If you are wondering about Reiki, self-healing, growth, and spirituality, then take this training! I plan to continue future training with Jean. ~ Haley Duncan, Charleston

More kind words from students of my courses:

Thank you for your gentle and careful words and metaphors to help us move consciously through the pain and fear/confusion to invigorating "vistas" of renewal and possibility.

Very, very helpful info and meditation. I am a counselor with many years experience, yet have not quite been able to renegotiate a relationship with a very old friend that has had me baffled for too long. This course is right on...i am so elated to finally "learn my lesson" of unconditional self-respect. (I thought I already had!)

Thank you thank you! Great support with this meditation for understanding that my needs matter and they must be expressed, and being aware of these chakras. I’ve always had tummy troubles, maybe this was why.

Wow, that meditation was so beautiful. I truly felt transported a place where all my dreams were manifested in the best way possible. I’ve been struggling with being able to get in touch with what I want out of life, so this has been especially powerful for me.

Wow! I just finished this class. What an amazing and empowering gift Jean has provided for us! This class is so healing. I am on my second go... Just listening to those meditations is so healing and the second time around you hear new things. So don't feel so alone when the class finishes, go through it again... As we do this and shift our energy, we are also helping others. Namasté! And heartfelt thanks to you, Jean!

I wish this course had existed back to 2006!! To love is something I do in every moment, but haven't had any intimate relationship again. After taking this course now feel that the woman in me could love again.
Thank you Jean Atman!

Thank you for this has really helped me a lot, especially in the area of setting boundaries. I’ve been frantic about what to do, and I find that this course has calmed me down and given me some tools to lay some groundwork. Thank you!

I want to say a very heartfelt "Thank you" to you Jean Atman from the depth of my soul. This is the first time in my 49 years of life that I have experienced meditation and wow! How helpful and such a blessing to my soul. I appreciate you and your gift and I will always remember this course and how inspiring it's been to push me forward on my journey of self discovery and healing! ❤️

I just finished lesson 9. And holy crap... I can see how I have been letting others define me. MIND =BLOWN.

Wow, I just listened to the lesson 3 meditation. I'm beginning to awaken. Thank you

Wow, just wow. Now on lesson 8 Im feeling a huge shift from “them” to ME. Thank you. I will repeat these mediations for months maybe years. XO

Holy smokes these lessons are POWERFUL! I do not have to stunt my growth or truth to make others feel better or okay. And here's the eye opener that I've said many times before but now thru the guided meditation today Jean has worded it differently - when I release my toxic relationship I allow the other person to feel, respond, react to the situation as well for their own good. Thanks for the clarity Jean!

I really needed this course. I so much better understand my toxic relationships. I see what I did to bring forth all the negative things and all the never feeling good enough. Well, I am going to be better at 58 years old than I EVER have been because of this course! I am excited! 

All, I can do right now is say wow and cry. I am on lesson two and I literally feel so many feelings from sorry for myself to rage, to peace of the possibilities. These two lesson gave words to feelings that I couldn’t explain or understood. I just thought I was doing something wrong and I couldn’t get it right. I can’t believe the feelings that are coming up for me right now. I literally can’t stop crying. I really see how I have passed this onto my kids, in particular my daughter. I am going all in on these lessons. Come hell or high water, I am determined to heal.

Just got through a lesson  - I cried like a baby while completing the journaling part, and then again during meditation. I realized for the first time today the real trauma I experienced when I was a kid. I knew the things that I lived with and was subjected to, but it was my 'normal' growing up, so I never would have verbalized it as 'trauma'. Until today. And my focus has magically shifted - back to me, where it should have been all along. I feel so much stronger today.

Just want to say what great meditations. Some of the most helpful I have heard. Took notes on first time hearing it. Will listen to all meditations again.