Where you are today isn't where you will be a few months from now.

You no longer need to live in ways that don't work. Life can be a very different experience when you head directly into the core of what is standing in your way. No more simply suppressing the symptoms. Let's get in it so that you can move through it ... permanently! 

It is time to claim your life back!

  • It is time to clear through lack mentality and abundance blocks so that you finally live a life free of limitation!

  • It is time to get focused on what YOU want, as opposed to others' expectations, so you can create an exceptional life!

  • It is time to hop off the anxiety/depression roller coaster and finally experience internal balance.

  • It is time to heal through past toxic relationships so that you can invite in healthy and supportive ones. 

Remember, everything you desire is meant for you. You just need to get on the path of least resistance.

This program includes integrated sessions that offer deep soul-level healing. We heal to the core, freeing you up permanently from what is not working.

Within our work together, you will:


Gain clarity of the obstacles standing in your way, and learn how to bust through them


Experience accelerated transformation and healing within our clearing work


Feel confident in your abilities to create a life filled with ease and contentment


It is my deepest desire to assist you in moving through the stagnancies that have kept you stuck in repeating patterns in your life. I have found that support, energy clearing, and step-by-step guidance are some of the most basic, but most powerful ways to achieve anything.

I am here offering you the most direct course to achieving your life’s desires. We will see what is in your way, heal past hurts, and clear out heaviness. When you no longer carry the baggage of the past, you open to receiving something much better.

Your Plan is Simple

  • Recognize your readiness for an easier life

  • Choose to work with me as your guide for your most direct course

  • Spend your time enjoying life

Why a program?

When you make a conscious choice to commit to Self, your life changes. Period.

Throughout my years of work, I have noticed that clients who commit to regular sessions are the ones who make lasting changes. Compare this to a weight-loss program: If you’re eating fast foods but desire to improve your health, eating a salad once a month will not get you very far.

My program works the same way. A true intention, consistency, and commitment to Self are vital. Energy patterns and behaviors did not originate in a day, and it takes more than just one session to clear them completely.

True healing and self-discovery unfold in layers. We begin with the current priority and work our way inward. Each session works to peel back layers blocking you from living the life you desire.

Utilizing a combination of Energy Healing and awareness, we release stuck emotions, physical pain, energetic blocks, and free you from the baggage of the past.

It is a beautiful unfoldment, and a reacquainting with your inner self!

You will see changes after each session that will continue to ripple outward long afterward. At first, you may feel extremely relaxed, content, and just more clear. Then, you may begin to see synchronicities happening more frequently as you gain greater insight.

Next, life begins to take on a whole new form and your external world begins to shift as it will always reflect your inner alignment. You will begin to see how powerful you are at creating your reality just by recalibrating your inner compass.

Your relationships will deepen, money will flow more effortlessly, and you will have more time to do the things you enjoy. All from committing a bit of time to YOU!

And soon, you are designing a life you love!

Immerse yourself in 3 month sacred container that includes:

A 90-minute Discovery session

Before the session, you will receive an in-depth questionnaire that will inform the direction of our work. Then we will dive in and explore what is not working in your life so we can create a game plan to remedy those challenges. If you are not ecstatic about everything in your life, bring it to the table. Let’s get in it so we can move through it!

Eight additional 60-minute sessions* which include a combination of:
Energy Clearing

The clearing work is a vital piece of our work as it is what truly releases you from the past. This portion of each session helps to gain access to all that is hidden so we can see exactly what is blocking your desires. Once we see it, we can heal it, freeing you from areas where you feel stuck. You will learn where you are blocked, gain a deeper understanding of where that block stemmed from, and participate in clearing it. This not only reacquaints you with your inner worlds but teaches you how to interact with them to create your desired reality. The clearing work is a vital piece of our work as it is what truly releases you from the past. 

Intuitive Guidance

I will assist you in identifying exactly what is in your way and offer tools and daily practices for you to feel empowered as you learn to move through it. Based on what we find in your field, you will be offered specific tools to continue to integrate the new energy frequency into daily life. You get to see how to make change for yourself! When you know where to apply your efforts, you become efficient in making change. 

*These video calls can be recorded. If you are working through a deep seated layer, listen to the recorded session for continued clearing and additional healing through the layers. 

One-on-one Support

You will have access to me throughout the program. As you begin this process of discovering yourself in greater ways, it is important that you feel supported. You will find that you crave a better way of being. It can be confusing to know how to respond differently than you have in the past. I am here to assist you in working through those questions if they arise, and am available via email, or even a 15 min call to keep the momentum flowing.

Lifetime Access to the Limitless Program

The Limitless Program is the perfect supplement to your private work. It offers tools to deepen your understanding of any adaptive behaviors that were created from your past that are now keeping you stuck. The most powerful way to make lasting change is to understand what is contained within. Limitless offers you a direct course to your inner worlds and teaches you how to navigate from that place of truth. Learn how to help yourself and feel empowered, confident, and clear. 

Chakra 101 Handbook

Your chakra system is key to your alignment with your true Self and links up to your nervous system. If you have been living in survival mode, chances are, your chakra system could use some balance. Once you decongest your chakras, you will feel much calmer, centered, and confident.

If you have energy misalignments, you may feel challenged with:

Safety and security

Being able to express yourself

Have low self-esteem or lack confidence

Trouble feeling loved, heard, or understood

Feel disconnected or confused about your path or purpose

Feel lonely or isolated 

All of these challenges perpetuate from an imbalanced energy system and can be corrected through attention to balancing it. Once your energy is flowing smoothly again, mental and emotional modifications become much more accessible.  This handbook serves as an asset for you to utilize as needed for sustained energy health. 

Ready to Get Started?

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Followed by 2 payments of $900

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