My Media Manifesto

I LOVE to share any wisdom I can to assist people in cultivating their best lives. Many times when I speak with people, they comment that I have a deeply resonant and unique perspective, and one they had not yet heard. I believe in expanding the conscious mind beyond what we have been taught here and to open to our potential of thought and choice.

I have been exploring the undercurrents of the human condition for decades. I see and witness much of the inner worlds that not many think to visit. Our realities are created within these recesses. Once we meet these pieces of Self, we can become conscious creators and empowered beings.

I have been blessed to gain much wisdom throughout the years and love nothing more than to share the knowledge I have gained, and hopefully assist in the great shift of something better than where we all have been. 

Media and Speaking

I deeply enjoy connecting with other leaders in their fields who are on a mission to cultivate change. A powerful shift happens when like-minds gather. I love participating in interviews, speaking engagements, and connecting to others. I believe that is where the magic happens – where we can share and expand in the present moment. Each person has the ability to create a beautiful existence. I am obsessed with empowering others and sharing the gift of how to cultivate an extraordinary life experience here.

I am available for interviews, live and online summits, radio shows, podcasts, and expert commentary. 

Topics for Discussion

  • How to cultivate happiness to create your desired life
  • How to listen and trust your intuition and build self-confidence in decision making
  • The secrets of manifestation utilizing simple tools
  • How to feel more in control of your emotions and to translate their meaning
  • What to do when you feel triggered by others and experience jealousy, envy, or resentment
  • How to release debt and lack
  • How to reconnect with loved ones and improve relationship dynamics
  • Finding balance in giving and receiving
  • How to release excessive responsibilities and find balance in life
  • How to navigate toxic relationships
  • Tools for improved time management
  • How to protect your energy and guard against psychic attack
  • How to raise your energetic vibration to draw in preferred experiences
  • How to choose foods to support healthy energy and vibration

I can speak to many aspects of the mind, body, and spirit. Please reach out if there is something specific you would like to explore together.

Featured in:


Live Events: Including Workshops, Symposiums, Classes, and Meditations

Women’s Health Symposium – THRIVE – Ignite Your Purpose and Spark Your Passion

ELEVATE Intuitive Workshop – Explore Your Inner Gifts, Enrich Your Life

The Connection Playground – A workshop that teaches a variety of activities, meditations, and dialogues designed to help you learn who you are, what you want, and how to express yourself, your feelings, needs, and desires in healthy and connecting ways. 

The Art of Self-Healing – A workshop that is catered to those who are wanting to understand their energy, how it affects their lives, and how to utilize that understanding to open to their purest potential.

Navigating the New Earth – Monthly workshops to teach how to become a conscious creator in your own life.

Jean has been leading public guided meditations and classes for decades and has worked with topics including:

  • Accessing Ascension
  • How to Create your Reality through Vibration
  • How to Connect to Intuitive Gifts
  • Oracle Cards
  • Using the Elements for Self-healing
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Deprogramming Generational Patterns
  • Acclimating to the Light Body
  • Reprogramming DNA
  • How to access Channeled Guidance
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Grounding Work
  • Manifestation Magic
  • Identifying Power Animals and Angelic Guides
  • Masculine/Feminine Balance
  • Self-healing tools and techniques utilizing Reiki
  • Brain Balance
  • Past-life Regression Healing
  • Soul-retrieval
  • And more…

Jean’s Bio and Credentials

Jean began her undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin system and completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree at the College of Charleston. She then received national certification in Neuromuscular Therapy from the Southeastern Institute in 2001. Throughout the years, and in her quest to understand all facets of the mind, body, and spirit, Jean has acquired multiple certifications in various modalities.

Jean’s private practice is in beautiful Mt Pleasant, SC although has clients all over the world. Her practice focuses primarily on assisting people in releasing what is not working in their lives and empowering them with tools to improve it. Jean is known to be a master of depth perception and is not only able to see what is holding clients back but assists them in releasing stubborn blocks and stagnancies that may have been previously masked.

Jean’s work incorporates an integrated style including mentorship as well as energy clearing in order to heal to the core of all layers within each stagnancy. The result is a permanent transformation. She accomplishes this through her private practice, classes, workshops, and guided meditations she leads, and through speaking engagements, seminars, and retreats.  

Education and Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science, Psychology
Board Approved Continuing Education Provider
Neuromuscular Therapy - Nationally Certified
Holistic Psychology
Usui Reiki Master
Craniosacral Therapy- certified through Upledger Institute
Healing Touch - Healing Touch International, Inc
Hands of Light - Brennan Healing Sciences, Miami, Fl.
Polarity Therapy certified
Prenatal Massage certified- Nurturing the Mother with Clair Miller
Studied for 3 years under the guidance of the most amazing Shamanic practitioner I know, Dakota Walker

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For Media Inquiries

To set up an interview or to arrange a speaking engagement, please contact Jean at: 843-991-2456  or email: 

I look forward to hearing from you!