Hey you! Are you ready to play??

Much happens within the process of a little time and commitment to Self-care. When you carve out dedicated time within the busyness of life and show up in a way that feeds your soul, something magical happens.

You find your truth.

You feel your clarity.

You gain freedom.

Your life transforms.

Life can be filled with many obligations: kids, jobs, dinners to be made, plans with friends, responsibilities, etc. It is easy to feel consumed with these things and to place the importance of Self low on the totem pole. But, when we do that, we end up cycling through the same patterns every day. At what point do you allow yourself to want and have more? More peace, more fulfillment, more freedom, and a more profound sense of joy can be yours.

You simply need to choose it.

When you make that choice, life begins to adjust around it. When you take it one step further, and act on it, well… now you are showing up!

The universe will always meet you in the space that you claim. If you decide that life is busy and filled with obligations, your experience will reflect that. If you decide that you have time for Self-care, then you will. Think about anything that is nurtured. What is cared for, grows. We are meant to grow, expand, and evolve. Evolution is our practice and purpose here on earth. If we are not learning and evolving, we are not fully taking advantage of why we are here.

This understanding sparked a wildfire in me years ago, and I have felt compelled to teach people how to come back to this natural state of being ever since. We have been shown to do what the people do, to do as those who came before us have done. But what if your spirit craves something different? Do you know how to access your authentic path?

I would love to show you how!

Your time is NOW!
Are you ready to claim it?

What makes these immersion days unique?

You get to choose your experience!

I am an out-of-the-box thinker and LOVE to inspire others to do the same! The more we explore what we really want and how we truly want to do things, the more significant the shift. I have recognized a need for something different. People are craving new insights, different experiences, and radical soul upliftment.

These immersions can be held at your home, place of business, my office, a beach rental, mountain home, or a specific destination if you choose!

They can be independently run if your focus is on personal and deep healing, or can include your tribe for a community feel.

If you would like to explore a more extended destination retreat, I have partnered with a Travel Tailor to assist us in crafting a unique retreat experience.

Benefits of Working with Me

Throughout my decades of practice, I have studied many modalities which inform my work. I offer customized work that is specially crafted to your unique challenges. I have no cookie-cutter approach, and every experience is tailored to you and your current priorities. We access the deepest layers to get to the core of any obstacles that are presenting a challenge. I utilize a blend of many modalities as well as channel to facilitate healing of your deepest layers for real transformation.

Clarissa Pinkala Estes says, “All a woman really needs to come home to herself is a woman who truly sees her. And in seeing her, she can reflect it back to her once blind self.”

I have been called a master of depth perception and can help you to see each part that is asking to evolve.

When you gain access to all that you are, you also gain access to all you can become!

These private or semi-private immersion days allow deep-level healing. The focus and concentration of energy towards all that is not working serve in releasing layers of stuck and stagnant energy. This freedom allows more space and focused intention to flood into your life, creating a wave a renewal. It is sort of like a spring cleaning for the spirit.

Immersion Day Options:

The Magic of Manifestation

Are you tired of the struggles of life and find yourself wishing things could be different? Have you tried all the methods you have heard about regarding manifesting, but still can’t seem to effortlessly and continuously draw in what you want? Do you feel it sometimes works, but sometimes not? Or, you may think manifesting is just another concept that makes sense logically but is sort of like a unicorn – a magical, mystical idea that may exist, but certainly not here in the density of this dimension!

I can tell you, this concept is more science than magic but may have a little angel dust sprinkled in for good measure. 😉

Ask yourself:

Are you ready to identify not only how you are in your own way, but how to move out of it?

Are you ready to explore what is holding you back from living an uncompromised life?

Are you ready to learn the secrets of this process so you can use them time and time again until ease becomes your new default?

Are you ready to weed through the subconscious beliefs and abandon old ways that serve no purpose and do not work?

Are you ready to anchor into your exact alignment where magic actually does happen?

How would it feel if your beliefs were supporting you to achieve anything you wanted effortlessly and quickly?

What would life look like then?

Learn the secret formula of manifestation, why it has not worked in the past, and how to work with the universe to create your best life. Let yourself imagine the freedom your life could reflect when you learn to work with the universe in this powerful process.

This retreat can be broken down in 2 ways:

One day of a systematic process which includes manifestation basics, how-to’s worksheets, and step-by-step instruction of how to make your dreams a reality.


A two day deep healing retreat in which we not only learn all of the above with the secrets of efficient manifestation, but spend time processing through all the emotional, mental, and energetic blocks of what stands in the way of all you desire.

**Each option comes with tools, materials, and private/group healing activities and experiences. 

Investment: $999 per day. Training can be used for private healing work, or for up to 5 total participants at no extra charge.

The Art of Self-Healing with Reiki

Does Energy work, Work?

The answer is, absolutely yes! Energy healing is an extremely profound, yet simple modality that can heal everything from past life trauma to current physical ailments. In my opinion, everyone needs energy healing. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could provide healing for yourself and your loved ones in real time?

Each one of us has a unique energetic system that can be influenced by the many experiences we encounter each day. With stressful or especially negative experiences, we can develop cracks or blocks in our energetic field (including the Aura and Chakra System) which intricately affects our emotional, spiritual, physical and mental well being. Healing modalities like Reiki work to cleanse and resolve these imbalances – regardless of how big or small they may be. If left untreated, energetic blocks can manifest into all sorts of unpleasant things from emotional instability to physical pain or illness. Regular maintenance of our Aura and Chakra system, however, can both heal current ailments and prevent future issues from developing. In addition, energy healing helps to reduce stress and create relaxation.

Would you like to feel empowered to be able to work through any imbalances for yourself or to assist your loved ones? Once you decide to tap into this amazing modality, you will soon discover your own healing potential!

Within this workshop, you will learn about Reiki and receive an attunement that will seriously change your life, but this workshop at its core teaches you how to heal yourself.

If you are ready to take the reigns of your life back and stop living in limitation, this class is for YOU! My teaching methods are much more profound than simply instructing on this powerful modality. When you enter my space, true and deep healing begins to occur. You not only learn tools to help and heal yourself, but you gain clarity on what is working, what is not, and how to make a permanent change in your life. You will leave this class a different person than when you entered.

Are you ready?

A bit more about Reiki:
Reiki is an ancient form of healing that is said to be “life force energy.” It is a gentle yet powerful technique that brings healing to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 
Universal Energy is an intelligent consciousness that knows precisely what you need to transform your life. It knows your potential and greatness and will clear all that is standing in your way. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, Reiki will unlock your innate power to heal yourself. It’s a tool for life.
In the first degree Reiki attunement process, the chakras are gently opened and aligned, then sealed to protect them so the flow of Vital Life Energy can continue throughout our lives. It offers tremendous balance to daily life.
In this Reiki I certification workshop, you will receive the attunements necessary to channel the Reiki energy. The attunement process has been known to initiate healing on its own. Participants will receive a Reiki I manual and a certification as a Reiki I practitioner.
Through this first attunement workshop, you will:
  • Receive a private attunement that balances and aligns your chakras and seals them in that way
  • Learn how to become more grounded, calm and balanced
  • Experience a guided Chakra alignment meditation that can be used as often as needed for Self-maintenance
  • Embody a more profound sense of peace and self-acceptance in day-to-day life
  • Amplify your body’s natural ability to heal itself. (This is nature’s pain reliever)
  • Gain confidence in your natural healing abilities
  • Learn to feel your feelings (and in doing so, release any stagnant emotion that is depleting your system)
  • Likely experience a more profound sense of connection and life purpose
  • Learn to open your heart (literally)
  • Feel your feelings (rather than numbing, over-analyzing or over-dramatizing them)
  • Finally, understand how the past affects the present (so you can change your future)

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are ready to move out of past patterns that have kept you feeling stuck
  • You want to empower yourself and your family with natural healing tools that remedy emotional, physical and mental challenges
  • You are ready to gain clarity and understanding of how to bring yourself into your alignment (Hint – This is where all the good stuff happens!! )
  • You know that life can be filled with greater ease and are ready to access that place
  • You want to understand how to access your own guidance system
  • You are ready to create your ideal life with purpose, clarity, and direction

This workshop can be broken down in two ways:

One day workshop with a focus on chakra health, how to clear yourself, along with a private attunement. 


A two-day immersion including all of the above along with emotional healing tools and techniques to create full-spectrum balance.

***Each option comes with tools, materials, and private/group healing activities and experiences. 

Investment: $999 per day. Training can be used for private healing work, or for up to 4 total participants at no extra charge.

Boundaries, Triggers, and Truths

Do you find that you are easily swayed by others needs and expectations?

Have you found yourself stuck in repeating patterns of past relationships?

Have you found it difficult to move forward in new love because the past still lingers?

Do you have corded attachments to unhealthy relationships with family, previous lovers, or friends, etc that you just can’t seem to release?

Are these obstacles dictating the present decisions you are making in your life?

If you are ready to fully recognize triggers in your life, how to navigate your emotions with greater ease, and are excited to step more fully into your power, then this workshop is for YOU!

Many times, we learn from an early age to be nice, bite our tongue, hold our anger, do as we are told and be a good girl/boy. Sometimes, that means suppressing a lot of feelings! These stuffed emotions do not just go away. They stay exactly where we hid them as we were attempting to pacify another’s expectations. As we grow into adulthood, it can be challenging to access these deep places that we have been so well trained to hide. These stuffed emotions will surface in the form of triggers to get our attention.

Triggers surface as indicators to alert us that something within us is not settled. Relationships will show up to reflect all that we contain inside, especially the uncomfortable stuff! This is purposeful, part of the evolutionary process, and is much easier to navigate if you know what you are doing!

This workshop will teach you to:

  • Learn what your emotions are really saying so you can act from that place
  • Translate your experiences into wisdom to shift your future
  • Break repeating patterns of what is not working
  • Release abundance blocks so that you gain the freedom to live your best life
  • Find your true value and purpose so that you can live feeling satisfied and fulfilled
  • Align yourself with the right people so that better opportunities come your way
  • Break free of patterns of abuse or disrespect and enter into loving and supportive relationships
  • Learn what true Self-care means so others can follow that example and treat you the same way
  • Embody real empowerment so you can take the reigns of your life and direction

Investment: One day workshop – $999 per day. Training can be used for private healing work, or for up to 5 total participants at no extra charge. 

Comes with tools, materials, and private/group healing activities and experiences. 

It’s all about Results!!


In the short period of time attending this workshop, I became more at one with myself. I came into this workshop so broken, lost, and confused. Due to Jean’s patience and understanding, I was able to break free of some of these negative energies holding me back from living life and letting go. I am absolutely in love with Jean and her work. It is worth every second! ~FS, Charleston

Through this workshop, I learned and reaffirmed that I am always enough and deeply connected to Source. Coming into Jean’s workshop as a blank slate allowed me to gain more than I ever could have imagined. Jean is a gifted teacher, healer, and kind human, and I am so thankful our paths aligned. This workshop is the beginning of my journey, and I can’t wait to learn more from her. ~ Katie Davis, Columbia

Jean is phenomenally gifted. Her energy and spirit are clear and uplifting. Working with her has enhanced many areas of my life, and I am grateful to have her on my side. ~ HD, Charleston

Jean is such a wonderful and amazing healer, and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Jean’s love of everyone in the class, as well as her love for what she is teaching, makes this such an amazing experience. I would honestly recommend Jean for Reiki or any of her other services. ~ Ruth Volinski, Charleston

This workshop is incredibly insightful. Jean is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything very well. I feel more comfortable with not only who I am, but how I can help others. ~ Katy Moldenhauer, Charleston

Connecting with other women and learning directly from Jean was life changing! Jean is an incredible teacher. Bridging the practical with the intangible, I left this workshop with a greater understanding of the healing power we each possess and a better understanding of how to use it in my life and the lives of those I love! ~ Stephanie Burg, Charleston

If you are interested in learning more about energy work, deepening your knowledge about chakras, and experiencing Reiki 1 attunement, This will be your perfect day! Jean is clear, calm, and compassionate. A true teacher and a facilitator of healing who shares her gift humbly and amazingly well! ~ Jessica Schmidlapp, Charleston

The Reiki level 1 workshop was an amazing experience. It expanded my knowledge of the roots of this practice and gave me the skills to better my life. It was a magical, uplifting, and educational day. Thank you, Jean. I look forward to level 2! ~ Jennifer Hirsh, Charleston

From the moment I walked in, I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be! Jean is a powerhouse of beautiful healing energy that radiates when you are in her presence. Her self-knowing, paired with her understanding of the cosmic field, has left me truly inspired!  ~ Francesca Maria Pardini, Charleston

Today was absolutely amazing and life-changing! Being able to have the opportunity to obtain my Reiki 1 certification is something I will always be grateful for. Jean is intuitive, kind, gentle, and a phenomenal teacher. Her gentle approach to healing is the perfect amount of push and guidance. I hope to replicate this in my future practice. If you are wondering about Reiki, self-healing, growth, and spirituality, then take this training! I plan to continue future training with Jean. ~ Haley Duncan, Charleston

If you would like more information on a listed Immersion day or would like to create a personalized retreat experience, please call Jean Atman at 843-991-2456, or fill out the contact form below!