Navigating the New Earth – Monthly Meetings for Awakening
May 2nd from 6:30 – 8:30

Join us for monthly meetings to continue to become a conscious creator in your own life. This month’s theme is How to Process Emotions. Many people have tuned out their own feelings and desires due to expectations, obligations, etc. It is time to learn how to feel what you feel and allow that to guide you to your best life! When we understand what we feel, we can then move towards ( and get!) what we want with much greater clarity.

More details on what to expect each month:

Are you feeling like your world is changing but are not quite sure which direction to turn? Do you feel like the old ways of doing things are no longer working? Are you craving something… more?

2019 is proving to be a very interesting year so far. We are entering into a new time, energetic vibration, and potential. Cosmically and universally, we are being supported in amazing and miraculous ways. Do you know how to receive that guidance and support?

It is time to find your center and truest alignment. It is time to release all that you have been carrying that does not belong to you. It is time to gain empowerment in the arena of your life, and step into your evolutionary potential here.

Join me for monthly meetings where we delve into the current month’s theme, learn how to navigate the new energy coming in, and embody the delicious supportive energy that is provided for us. Each meeting includes a group healing exercise.

This workshop is for you if:
– You want to gain a deeper understanding of how our world is evolving
– You want to release and heal old patterns and programs
– You are ready to up-level your vibration
– You are ready to manifest your best life
– You want to learn how to get out of your own way

This workshop will meet monthly, and be held at a private residence. You will receive all the details once you secure your spot.

How to Heal Yourself, plus Reiki 1 Certification
Date: July 20th, 2019
10am – 5pm

I had originally titled this workshop, “Reiki 1”, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it needed a more fitting title. Yes, within this workshop, you will learn about Reiki and receive an attunement that will seriously change your life, but this workshop at its core teaches you how to heal yourself.

If you are ready to take the reigns of your life back and stop living in limitation, this class is for YOU! My teaching methods are much deeper than simply instructing on this powerful modality. When you enter my space, true and deep healing begins to occur. You not only learn tools to help and heal yourself, but you gain clarity on what is working, what is not, and how to make a permanent change in your life. You will leave this class a different person than when you entered.

Are you ready?

A bit more about Reiki:
Reiki is an ancient form of healing that is said to be “life force energy”. It is a gentle yet powerful technique that brings healing to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. What is unique about Reiki is that it is very akin to the vibration of unconditional love and brings healing at whatever level the receiver is ready to experience. The effects of the healing can continue to occur long after a session is given and can be very profound. A session usually feels deeply relaxing and peaceful.
This Universal Energy is an intelligent consciousness that knows exactly what you need to transform your life. It knows your potential and greatness and will clear all that is standing in your way. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, Reiki will unlock your innate power to heal yourself. It’s a tool for life.
In the first degree Reiki attunement process, the chakras are gently opened and aligned, then sealed to protect them so the flow of Vital Life Energy can continue throughout our lives. It offers tremendous balance to daily life.
In this Reiki I certification workshop, you will receive the attunements necessary to channel the Reiki energy. The attunement process has been known to initiate healing on its own. During the day, there will be time to practice giving and receiving Reiki. Participants will receive a Reiki I manual and a certification as a Reiki I practitioner.
Through this first attunement workshop, you will:
  • Receive a private attunement
  • Become more grounded, calm and balanced
  • Enjoy a deeper peace and self-acceptance in day-to-day life
  • Amplify your body’s natural ability to heal itself. (This is nature’s pain reliever)
  • Notice an increase in self-worth and self-esteem
  • Learn to feel your feelings (and in doing so, release any stagnant emotion that is depleting your system)
  • Likely experience a deeper sense of connection and life purpose
  • Learn to open your heart (literally)
  • Feel your feelings (rather than numbing, over-analyzing or over-dramatizing them)
  • Finally, understand how the past affects the present (so you can change your future)
During this workshop, we will discuss:
  • The origins of Reiki
  • How energy flows
  • Chakra health
  • Tools to assist you in reading energy
  • Hand positions and techniques
  • How to clear yourself
Investment: $249
Seating is very limited for this class. 
Please purchase a ticket to reserve your spot!