Are you ready to release who you think you are,
so you can become who you are meant to be?

People are craving change. They know they want more from life, but have no idea what they should be working on or how to achieve it. 

What would life feel like if you knew exactly how to release what is not working? 

Would you feel stronger and more empowered?

With that added confidence, what would you choose to cultivate? 

What do you really want in life?

Financial freedom?


Better health and vitality?

More downtime to spend doing activities that feed your soul?

Do you have a plan to get there?

Do you know that everything you desire, you are meant to have?


Sometimes, those desires can feel like a pipe dream, or simply out of reach. I can assure you, those dreams and desires are available, attainable, and possible. You just need a little courage, a commitment to Self, and a plan. 

The best way to get to where you want to go, is to know where you would like to end up.

Introducing the best program for learning how to get out of your own way!

Launching on January 29th, 2020!

It has always been my mission to help others up-level their lives and cultivate the changes they seek. 

Over the past 2 decades, I have been blessed to work with clients all over the world. In helping thousands of clients, I have seen what works, have learned the most effective strategies in clearing through deep blocks, stagnations, patterns, programs, and self-sabotage, as well as how to cultivate fast change.  

I have seen it all! And I have seen the many ways that people get in their own way by default. When you have awareness of the undercurrent of patterns and programs that are running, you no longer are a victim of circumstance, but can reclaim your free will and choice. You then, become the master of your destiny.

My intentions for this program are to share the most effective strategies to date, to teach you precisely how to process your inner worlds, and allow for plenty of support as you practice new ways of being in present time. 

It can be confusing to behave in ways that feel unfamiliar. Many people stagnate solely because they do not know how to do something they have never done before. That is where I come in. You will not be alone on this journey. I will be guiding  you every step of the way. If you have ever wanted to learn better ways of being, this may be just what you have been looking for!

As a LIMITLESS Member, you will receive:

9 Weeks of Lessons Including:

1) Your Operating Systems

Learn the inner workings of your mind so you can become the master of your thoughts. We will explore how to identify default patterns so you can stop operating from programs and instead, choose your future through free will. When you reclaim your right to choose, anything is possible!

2) Translating your Emotions

Are you searching for emotional payoff and a life filled with satisfaction? This lesson teaches you how to translate emotions, gain better control over them by applying specific processes, and frees you from emotional bondage. By translating your emotions, you become empowered with information, which moves your life from confusion to clarity!

3) Silencing the Inner Critic

Our self-talk is very powerful in creating our realities, and can sabotage our efforts if left unchecked. In this lesson, we will explore how to recognize when that inner critic is serving you, when it is not, and what to do about it. When you learn to filter your self-talk, your most important goals become inevitable!

4) Up-leveling your Vibration

The biggest hurdle that surfaces as people learn to effectively process their emotions is maintaining it, so that it produces permanent change. In this vital lesson, you will learn how to manage your vibration for ultimate success in creating your best life!

5) Release Resistance and Fear

Many people spend their precious time and energy regretting the past and fearing that past will repeat itself. Think about how many hours per day you might be spending on things that are no longer relevant and cannot be changed.  In this lesson, we will discover how to release past energy of regret, failure, guilt, and shame. You will also learn how to read the truth of the current situation, based on the present and not tainted by the past, and  how to excavate any fears if they surface. Just think about all you could accomplish without fear in your way. This one is a game changer. 

6) Releasing Blocks to Love

Many people know what they want when it comes to love, but have a hard time aligning with it. In this lesson, I will take you behind the scenes of your heart space to get crystal clear of what is standing in the way of allowing in your perfectly aligned partner. We will manage blocks like abandonment and rejection, opening you up to a pure flow of unconditional love. This applies to those searching for "the one", or those already in partnership looking to deepen their connection. 

7) Restoring Health and Vitality

Do you struggle with health challenges that remain unresolved? Stuck energy will cause pain and dis-ease in the body. In this lesson, you will discover exactly where those stagnations originated and translate their meaning, so you can heal more efficiently at the core level.  Once you understand how to heal those parts, you become free, and no longer a victim of limitation.

8) Clearing Abundance and Money Blocks...for good!

Are you tired of the struggle, and always feeling a looming sense of lack? This lesson manages specific patterns linked to abundance blocks that inhibit financial freedom. These typically consist of the inability to receive, worthiness challenges, and blocks in the energetic system responsible for safety and stability. It is time to move away from fight or flight and living in survival mode. I will help you execute a plan to move through the most stubborn blocks so you can create an endless stream of abundance,  feel more secure, and be able to make decisions based on choice rather than fear. 

9) The Art of Receiving

Many people who are sensitive to others will exhibit patterns of over giving. In this insightful lesson, discover how to determine how much to give and when, how to read expectations vs actual need, and understand and strengthen the borders of your own energy. Your understanding of this energy is your superpower and learning it will ensure a more balanced existence. 

Also Included:

1) 9 Weekly Teleconference “Clarity Calls”*

Each week, we will meet on-line to explore:

  • Any questions you have about the previous weeks lesson. I want you to be crystal clear how to apply what you are learning so you can feel empowered in your forward movement. 
  • Cutting edge lessons straight from my own experiences of healing Self and others. Learn about others' experiences and how they cleared exactly what you are struggling with.
  • Nuggets of personal insight and channel to supplement the teachings. My guides always appreciate chiming into discussions and new guidance flows when we connect. Get the most current guidance in the present moment!
  • How to assist you in cultivating a deeper connection with your own guidance system so you can live a life with confidence and clarity! 

If you ever wanted additional insights on personal challenges, this is your chance for answers!

*Each call will be recorded, so even if you can't make it live, it will still be available to you!

2) 9 Recorded Healing Meditations

Many people struggle with meditation and have unrealistic expectations of what it is meant to be. It is a vital piece of listening to your guidance system, and can be an extremely beneficial untapped resource. They say prayer is asking, and meditation is receiving. Do you see how important that part can be?

I have been asked for years to record my meditations. Those who have not been able to meditate previously have found incredible and transcendent experiences within them. Included in this program are 9 weekly healing meditations to supplement each lesson that you can listen as often as needed to move through the layers. Each time you listen, you are healing and shifting your energy. Not only that, but you are training your mind and body to be open to the experience of receiving and shifting. Each meditation is crafted specifically to lead you through the deep layers where change is made, making transformation easily accessible. 

3) Private Facebook Community

Members of LIMITLESS will have access to our private community of change makers. This community is one where people can share successes, offer support, ask questions, get feedback, and offer encouragement - all within the sacred space of a trusted group setting. 

4) Accountability

Let's face it - we all need a little accountability from time to time. It is a powerful motivator,  helps us to be more present with maintaining focus on our goals, and provides support of forward movement. 

All aspects of LIMITLESS provide an element of accountability. For example, each lesson includes opportunity for independent exploration of your inner worlds. You can bring that information into our discussions for deeper insights and greater clarity. 

"I went through a traumatic relationship break up, and the depth of emotional grief, sadness, anger, resentment was overwhelming. I just could not move through it. This went on for 18 months. I have experienced relationship breakups before. I am middle-aged, I am a senior health professional, I have dealt with many challenges in my life both professionally and personally. However, I just could not move through this using other strategies that had worked for me in the past. I felt silly for not being able to move on. I was suffering physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Then I found Jean.

I was immediately impressed with her compassion and understanding. Even though I felt silly and vulnerable, she never judged me. She just met me with openness, wherever I was, however, I was feeling. She embraced me without judgment and helped me move through the depth of these painful emotions which were holding me back and making me miserable.

My life has changed. I feel like I have been returned to myself, yet I am stronger, happier, more positive and assertive. I can laugh again. I am feeling my worth and my beauty. I have reconnected with my passion for my work and for life. I have found a new job, a happier home, and the future feels like a beautiful new adventure.

I am so grateful to have worked with Jean Atman, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to move through difficult times.

~J.O., Cairns, Australia

"I sought Jean Atman out for some career coaching, and low and behold, it turned into clearing deeper energy blocks within me. Life-changing! Her talent for seeing the truth and leading others to theirs is outstanding. Such clear insight, warmth, sincere concern, and genuine connection; I look forward to all our sessions! If you want a gentle guide and a kind mentor with profound vision, call on Jean!"

~Michele Ritchie, Chicago, IL

"There are very few things on my calendar that I look at and get excited that the appointment is approaching - but Jean is definitely that rare exception.  Jean's warmth soothes and comforts you from the first moment, and her obvious care and compassion regarding your own personal challenges are apparent in every conversation.  I also love the bodywork that was mentioned by another reviewer.  I leave her office calm, tranquil and full of joy.  In just a short amount of time, she has helped to bring about so many transformations.  I am truly grateful I stumbled on to her and gave her healing a try."

~Jennifer Yesil, SC

"Hi Jean
I recently bought your course. As I read your words and listened to the meditations, I felt that you were talking to me about me. You are an amazing person and hand on heart you have shifted deep pain in me. I can see a real reason to love myself and forgive myself and others. I will cherish your course and meditate with your guidance. You have a gift and I am truly thankful to you. ❤"


What is this experience exactly?

When you join Limitless, you will receive:

A Lesson Each Week Covering a New Theme

9 Weekly lessons delivered to you in video and audio format allow you to build momentum while strategically clearing through block by block.  These lessons include information to show you exactly how to release what is not working, and how to embody an elevated version of life. ($4000 value)

9 Recorded Clarity Calls

9 recorded coaching calls with yours truly. These calls offer additional clarity, insights, and focus so you feel empowered to take the reigns of your life! Move through stagnations by listening to additional guidance, and you'll blaze through challenges before you even know you have them by listening to these valuable calls. ($4000 value)

(You can listen to them as often as needed. It'll be like me offering guidance to you for years to come)

9 Weekly Recorded Healing Meditations

Learn to effortlessly move through the layers as you relax into a guided meditation while simultaneously making massive change. Tap into your inner guidance and feel empowered as you learn to trust in that beautiful resource. ($1500 value)

Weekly Transformation Tools

Each week, receive worksheets, mindfulness practices, and action steps that will help you take charge of your life.  This way, you can better implement everything you are learning so you can see results more quickly. ($500 value)

Downloadable Content

Never miss a thing as all the content in the course is downloadable. Listen to the meditations, the audio, and the content as often as needed to keep you on track. If you are having a tough day, just head back in to keep yourself elevated. ($500 value)

Private LIMITLESS Facebook Group

This Private Facebook Group is your playground for group accountability, peer feedback, quick answers, and provides a connection to our like-minded community. I will chime in and answer questions throughout our coursework together. ($1000 value)

Aligning with your True Self

Aligning with your True Self and others who are doing the same. When you surround yourself with others on a similar path, your energy will expand and reach, as others around you are doing the same. This is energetic accountability and is a bi-product of who you surround yourself with. If you have been wanting to connect with higher vibrational living, this may be the perfect place to do it! (Priceless!!)

Total Value for all this goodness is well over $10,000!

Your investment is just one payment of $997. 


Two payments of $549. Your first payment will be drafted today, followed by your final payment one month after date of purchase. 

Save $150 when you enroll before January 25th, 2020!
Enter code SAVE150 for the pay in full version or SAVE75X2 for the split payment option.

LIMITLESS launches on January 29th, 2020!!

Meet Jean

Growing up in an abusive household, with a narcissistic father,  I developed many beliefs about how life supposedly worked. I grew to believe I was an inconvenience, did not have a right to be here or have needs of my own, was not protected against cruelty, and my only purpose was to make sure others around me were content so there could be peace. I took on the responsibility of other's emotional states of being and honestly thought that was my job because they could not do it for themselves. Throughout life, I found myself drawing in narcissistic and toxic relationships, struggle, lack, and many days wondered what the point of living was.

I knew in my heart that this was not all life had to offer. That deep sense of knowing kept me strong in my weakest moments. I was determined to create a different experience and to assist others in doing the same. I have been on that mission ever since.

I began to understand that the experiences we have are purposeful, especially the hard ones. We choose to learn specific lessons within each incarnation and are provided with experiences to achieve the growth we seek. You have to admit when life becomes uncomfortable, it certainly gets our attention! Life provides us with contrast so we can see precisely what is not working in order to improve it. But, life no longer needs to be defined by hard experiences. We can learn from them, grow, evolve, and move on. When I realized my world was based on my backstory and what I thought to be true, and I had the power to change that, life became something very different. My path became clear - not only for myself but for my purpose here.

I have been exploring that purpose for decades. I have learned how to heal deep trauma, how to recognize hidden and subconscious beliefs that prevent people from thriving, and how to be a conscious creator of life. I have found my voice and am enjoying sharing this work with all who are ready. This course is the most current product of my passion for helping people thrive!

I have learned we do not need to wait for a crisis to make a change. Life does not need to get loud and uncomfortable before we can evolve. We do not need to do things the hard way.

It was then that I realized I had touched on something powerful.

We can choose to learn in joyful ways. That realization motivated me and is a big reason I am here offering this opportunity to you. It would be best if you didn't wait for a crisis to understand that change needs to happen. If you are unsatisfied with your life, that feeling is your guidance system telling you that something needs attention. Something is preparing to heal, and you are ready for it!

I am fiercely dedicated to this journey and the process of helping others realize what their lives can become. I have been in the hardship, suffering, lack, and struggle, and have moved through it myself, as well as assisted thousands of others to do the same. I am now enveloped in beautiful and loving relationships, and my life is filled with synchronicities, opportunities, and awe-inspiring moments. Each day, I wake up excited to see how life will unfold and what I can create in my world. I am savoring every moment of life, as I have learned that we are influential creators. You can continue to create what you do not want, or you can learn to shift that momentum in the other direction.

I hope you will join me in living Limitlessly!!

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LIMITLESS is Right for You if:
  • You have been craving change but just don't know where to begin.
  • You know there is a better way of living, but just don't have the time to spend in figuring it out alone.
  • You are not sure what blocks you contain or how to move through them.
  • You lack clarity of which strategies to implement.
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the Self-help books out there and want clear and simple steps that feel organized and attainable.
  • You feel ready for change and want to learn from someone with decades of real life experience to show you the way.
  • You are just getting started and want a shortcut to the processes that will bring you results. 

LIMITLESS is NOT for You if:
  • You look for excuses of why life can't work as opposed to being open to solutions.
  • You expect someone else to do the work for you. This work requires you to take full and honest responsibility for yourself and your actions. 
  • You are not committed to the process, taking action, or to your growth and evolution. 

You’ve got nothing to lose, and the world to gain.

Take the Leap.

Save $200 when you enroll before January 15th, 2020!
Enter code SAVE200 for the pay in full version or SAVE100X2 for the split payment option.

Since this program is a guided program, we do have a start and end date. Limitless launches on January 29th, 2020 and completes with our final call on March 31st. You will receive an email along with your login information that alerts you of new content posted in your member area. It is encouraged that you spend the week engaging with the new content and bring any questions you have to our call on the following Tuesday. 

Our first Clarity Call (Video call) will take place on February 4th at 11am EST. These calls will be recorded and will be available in the member area within 24 hours after the completion of the call. You will also receive an email alert when the recorded calls are available.

New lessons will be available each Wednesday and the calls will take place the following Tuesdays. You will receive the full calendar with your confirmation of purchase. 

I think a better question would be, “How will YOU be different should you chose to show up for yourself?” This is a transformative and life-changing course and will teach you how to navigate your life in more mindful ways.
This course moves through the layers of all the places you may be stagnating, including:

  • We will work within the realm of thought, belief, programs, lineage, and self-sabotaging behaviors. When you have awareness of the undercurrents that run within you, you can always choose a different current, or direction. 
  • You will learn to translate your emotions so you will always know how your feelings are directing you. You will gain confidence in making decisions based on the information from your emotions.
  • You will release density in your energetic field, allowing you to operate from choice, and no longer from past trauma.
  • You will learn how to become a conscious creator of your world along with others moving in the same direction. 

Powerful stuff!

As you learn to process what your body, mind, and spirit are saying to you, you will be filled with much more confidence throughout your life. Many times, people get stuck because they do not trust themselves in making “the right” decisions. You have a very potent internal guidance system that has always been within you. Unfortunately, that system has been suppressed in many. This course will help to activate that system and wake it from its dormancy. 

This course helps to fast-track your evolution so you can move on to the good stuff. This is where choice becomes important. You can choose to stay where you are and move at the pace you have been moving, or you can choose to follow a well groomed path that will bring you to limitless living much more quickly. 

All kinds!

People that are wanting to release fears, anxieties, depression, and stagnancies in life.

People who are uncertain of their life path and wanting clarity.

People who want more satisfaction in life, but are unsure how to access it.

People who suffer from abundance blocks or lack love.

And people who are ready to learn how to create an amazing life!!

All calls will be recorded and will be available in your members areas within 24 hours after each call. There is no need to worry about time zones, or busy schedules. All you have to do is create your own personal schedule to listen to the calls and do the corresponding worksheets. It is convenient and simple. Simply come on to the private Facebook community to ask any questions that arise, and I will address them on the calls.

If you are busier than you would like, there is only one way to change that – by taking control of your schedule and your life. You have the power to create anything you would like, and you can learn how by committing to this 9 week course that will change the path of your life! 

The time commitment will vary from person to person, but the general breakdown of weekly time to set aside is as follows:

  • 1-1.5 hrs per week  for weekly Clarity calls.
  • 2-5 hours per week for meditation and writing exercises.
  • 30-60 min per week to engage in our Facebook group.

Total hours: Approx. 4 – 8 hours per week. 

**Remember that you will have continued access to your course. While it is best if you can attend live and participate and commit fully, I also encourage people to listen to their unique needs and timing. You will always have the option to revisit lessons when your timing feels aligned with you!

Yes!! Absolutely! It is vital to allow feelings of all sorts to surface. If you are experiencing fears, chances are, someone else is as well. The hardest part of making change can be those nagging thoughts that keep you looping through your default patterns. Our goal is to break those loops!

Bring your questions, concerns, and feelings to our Facebook group. This allows others who are also learning the process to offer support and implement the teachings which helps the whole. The Facebook group is a safe and sacred space to share your feelings and receive support from myself and other members. 

Simply put, I have been where you are. I have learned the process extremely well in moving through big and tough lessons in my own life as well as assisting thousands of others to do the same. My work has evolved over the past two decades, but one thing has always remained the same – my fierce dedication to you and your process. I don’t want you just to survive. I want you to THRIVE! And I can teach you how to do just that! 

You are being offered:

  • Unparalleled support from me and other kindred souls to assist you in releasing everything you don’t want, in present time.
  • One-of-a-kind, heart-centered teachings based on thousands of hours of experience, to give you clear and focused guidance for your personal path.
  • Awesome accountability that will propel you forward and help to make your desires your reality.
  • Recordings and downloads of the course so you can listen as often as you would like.
  • Guided Healing Meditations to assist you in calibrating your energy and up level your vibration. Higher vibration = more ease, joy, and opportunities.
  • Personal attention from me and the private Facebook group so we can keep the momentum flowing!
  • A supportive community of others who understand exactly where you are where you would like to go. You do not need to be on this crazy journey alone!

I believe in this program so much that I’ll take the risk. If you decide the program is not right for you, simply contact my team at and show us you actually did the work, and I’ll issue you a full refund within 60 days of purchase.