Have you been struggling to conceive?

Do you have fears that keep you in a constant state of anxiety wondering if it will ever happen for you? Is your relationship suffering due to the amount of stress and pressure “trying” can create?

It doesn’t have to be that way. I can help!

I help couples who are struggling to get pregnant, and frustrated because they don’t know what’s stopping them.

When they work with me I show them simple, natural and powerful ways to free them from obstacles that may be standing in their way of conceiving.

Throughout my years of practice have witnessed true and deep healing of many challenges people experience in their lives. I had no idea of the potential of this work until women began coming to me asking to work through the difficulties of not being able to conceive. They showed up stressed, feeling distant from their spouse, worried that something was inherently wrong with them, and just plain defeated.

When these women chose to show up to heal the origin of what was preventing them from conceiving, an amazing thing happened. They got pregnant. I see miracles every day with the people that are ready heal, but find this a true blessing to be a part of something so extraordinary.

The process continued to unfold, and I also began working with the partners. After all, this is a group effort! In working with the couple, found even more benefit to the sessions. Couples began coming to me and expressing deep sentiment for their other half. They began receiving compliments from their friends and family as those close to them noticed how sweet their interactions were becoming.

They began to find true intimacy in their relationship and this opened a world of potential for their abundance, their lifestyle, and their ability to conceive.  

We live in a world where learning to heal has not been a priority, but when we heal all that has stagnated us, we free ourselves to move into pure potential. Once we learn this process, we become unstoppable in achieving all we desire in life.

My job, my passion, and my purpose is to assist in deep healing on all levels. I have been guided to reach more people to share the multitude of insights I receive each day. When I received this guidance, I had no idea that reach meant into the next generation! But, I see these new spirits coming in as exceptional beings. They are sensitive and beautiful little souls and are asking to enter into a sacred space of balance, deep reverence, understanding and love. That is what is cultivated through this work.

This work is for you if you are ready to:

Feel truly connected and open to your partner

So often, people live their lives and do not feel connected, heard, or open to their partner. Through this work, we break down walls that keep people distant, we open the heartspace to deepen the love, and we help you step into the potential of your relationship.

Increase levels of support, from within your partnership as well as from the universe

Many times, people may feel they are alone even though they are in a relationship. They feel they have to do everything, live for others expectations instead of their own, and have little time for the things that would bring them joy. This work teaches you how to receive. Many times, what is blocking true support is the inability to receive it. Once this is learned, I teach how to create from within and use your powers of manifestation to get everything you desire. Yes, I said everything.

Increase levels of intimacy, understanding, and unconditional love

Life can get a little crazy at times, and it is easy to focus on all that is happening (or not happening) in our external world. I teach you how to reconnect, how to fall in love even more deeply each day, and how beautiful life can become with increased understanding of each other’s experiences. When we can truly see another through the eyes of compassion, life takes on a softness, and a real and raw form. Life becomes deep, intimate, and stimulating.

Decompress and release stress in order to bring more joy into the relationship

Sometimes when life gets chaotic, people can tend to take stress out on those closest to them. This becomes troublesome when people do not know how to offset stress and decompress. This work not only offloads lifetimes of stress, but allows each partner to assist the other in times of need with mutual respect and reverence no matter the magnitude of what is occurring around them.

Establish a sacred space for conception

Sacred by definition means “individuals considered worthy of respect or devotion”. These little beings coming in are pure energy and potential. They are not coming in with the sorts of karmic challenges that we may have chosen to come in with. They are advanced and are asking to incarnate into balance, deep love, respect, compassion, and reverence. When we heal through our karmic wounds, we embrace an elevated vibration – one that better resonates with these pure souls. This establishes a place that they are attuned to, feel welcome in, and can easily settle into.

These are wise souls coming in and I have been translating the necessary shifts that best support them and their journey here. I see what is asking to be healed within relationships, I see the blocks that keep people stuck in old patterns, and I tune into and heal what is ready to be healed to best support new life coming in. I have learned this is a gift of mine to offer and would love to share it with those who are ready.

I would love to speak with you in greater detail to learn about your challenges and to see if I can assist you!