Are we so used to pain and suffering that we are unaware of its existence in our lives? Have we normalized our inner pain as well as the pain of others to the point where we do not recognize it as harmful or destructive? What has been going on?

This question is not only being illuminated on a global scale in plain sight but also for each one of us individually. We are entering into a time of raw truth. Some may appreciate the truth, and others may choose to be oblivious to it and run from it, but either way, it is real, and it is surfacing.

This world has been an unjust, unfair, and even a hostile place at times. People’s rights have been ignored that include the right to be safe, cared for, protected, and nurtured. We are beginning to see all that has not been working, right, or just, and we are gaining the ability to change it.

We are entering into a new timeline where these old aspects no longer need to exist. But, in order to shift through them, we need to see them in their entirety. We need first to realize the wrongs to make them right.

This realization might be uncomfortable.

But, see if you can be open to seeing the pain that you experienced within or witnessed externally.

See the injustice.

See the cruelty.

See the disrespect.

See where change needs to be made, and the wounds that are asking to be healed.

Do not blow the pain off as “normal.” None of the old ways of mistreatment are normal. Not personally. Not globally. Just because things have been a certain way does not make them right.

Be the changemaker. The BIGGEST change begins with YOU!

We have access to see the massive injustices that have plagued our world now because we are ready to change and heal it. It is true that as darkness is illuminated, it may cause triggering; it may cause pain to swell from deep inside; it may cause obstructed grief to rise within us; it might cause a lot of anger. All of these emotions are justified. As we see and feel these aspects that have been eclipsed, I encourage you to embrace the intensity of emotion that may arise within you. FEEL it. Allow yourself to experience the sensation of feeling once again or on a more rooted level. When you feel it, you begin to understand what to do with it. It is not a time to be closed to the feeling. Open to it. Breathe it in. Get friendly with it. Have a dialogue with it.

What happens when we do not feel?

It might surprise you to know many people do not allow themselves to feel, and in many cases, are not even fully in their bodies. Many people do not like to be embodied because the pain they have suffered is too great, and they were not given tools to process the trauma, or were simply too young to be able to. We do not like to stay in inhospitable places, so we lift out of our bodies. We crave our physicality but find it challenging to be within. We end up being in conflict within ourselves of wanting to feel and not wanting to feel all at once. Our energy becomes a yo-yo of bouncing out and bouncing in. It is likely to feel ungrounded and the need to apply a lot of effort to create consistent movement in life.

If we attempt to stay embodied in the density of the pain, we then tend to become masterful at escapism tactics, so we do not need to feel the heaviness or discomfort of past trauma. These behaviors might look like substance abuse, unhealthy sexual exchanges, numbing or ignoring, or even creating drama just to feel something.

When we claim our personal space back, heal, and release the trauma and pain, being in the body becomes a magical and delicious experience. We can feel pleasure on a greater scale. We can create more efficiently in this time, space, and dimension. Our desires become a reality because we are inviting them into this earthly plane, as opposed to the fantasy of them in the etheric realms.

But, it is first vital to feel safe within. Challenge your “normal.”

I am not going to sugarcoat this –

We are privy to information that has not been exposed before. We are breaking through the bottleneck, and the floodgates are opening. Nothing is stopping the incoming current, and why would we want to stop it?! Sure, it is intense as f**k, but it seems we all could use more than a little shakeup from where we have been living.

As we see more and more of what has been hidden, we are gaining access to understanding the depth of our wounds. If you have grown up in an abusive home, the pain might be your “normal.” You may speak about it as plainly as you would crafting a grocery list. You may not realize that past is NOT OK. Your life may reflect continued abuse and pain as a byproduct of the vibration you hold from past trauma, and you may not even realize you are calling in more energy that matches it.

You can change that by :

1.) Tuning in to your true needs. NOT the expectations of others or obligations of what is expected of you, but what YOU want for yourself. Do you even know what that is? It is ok if you don’t, but I would encourage you to explore it!
2.) Take time with your stuff. If you have consistent themes in your life that are leaving you feeling less than enthused, change them! You have the power to based on your perception of your situation and openness to healing. Check-in with your beliefs about how “things have always been” and see if those beliefs fit. If they don’t, scrap them!!
3.) Purge things from your life that don’t bring you joy. Check-in with how much resistance you have in releasing things that don’t feel good. Why are you still holding onto them? Is suffering so familiar, you have lost the ability to see that things could be different?
4.) GET IN YOUR BODY. Especially if you have experienced an abusive past, chances are, your default is to lift out, or use escapism tactics. See clearly where you are NOW. You are not your past. You may not have been safe in the past, but are you now in the present time?
5.) Feel into the energy of safety. What would that feel like? Is it accessible, or distant? Flirt with it a bit and see if you can open to the sensation of it. Tune into the areas of your body that feel tight or like they are holding or resisting when you attempt to swim in the energy of safety. See if you can let those areas soften and release.

The more you can allow the flow of your natural energy to pulse through you, the greater the ability to create anything you want here. Remember, creation is the last thing accessible for you if you are in survival mode. Release the backstory. Take the lessons learned and leave the rest. The only thing that baggage is doing is keeping you stuck and unhappy.

Love yourself enough to let it go. ❤️

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