My morning began the same way many mornings do. Wake up, play with the cat, check on kids, and start the sorting process of the insane amount of emails that consumed my inbox while I slept. A bill came in, and no matter how secure I am, my old default was to immediately go into fear of not being able to pay it and diving into worst case scenario of living on the streets with my two kids, my cat, and a cardboard sign. I realized I had been living this way for a while, and also in that mode of believing, had been creating perpetual cycles of more experiences that reflect that. Feast or famine had become my existence — the good ole Law of Attraction at its best.

I was in meditation one day, and it became evident that I was responsible for creating these ups and downs that manifested as a roller coaster of a lifestyle. I used external validation to prove to myself that all was well. However, when a down cycle came around, I would follow it in and swim in the consuming fear, lack, and defeat. I found myself saying things like:

I try so hard, why can’t I succeed?

Wtf do I need to do to be on the other side of all this?

I am a good person. Why do takers get ahead and I stay in the struggle?

These are all excellent questions with one perfect answer – because I chose it to be that way. I subscribed to the belief that good does enter into my life, but it does not stay. Life gives me a reprieve when I need a breath, but then overtakes me with tsunami force as soon as I find my footing. I believed this, as historically, that was the pattern. I was always “waiting for the other shoe to drop,” as they say. Then, I decided enough was enough.

Since then, I have concluded that I am a master creator. I created amazingly messy experiences, ultimately painful situations, and the toughest lessons I thought possible.

I did all that.

Damn, I’m good.

Knowing I manifested all that, I decided to stop it. I resolved to discontinue the need for external validation to allow me to feel safe. I decided to trust that if I can create such pain, loss, and lack, that I can also cultivate bliss, beauty, and abundance of all good things. I decided to trust that I am supported by a higher power and began flirting with the idea that I could also rely more on people when I needed additional support. It was scary at first, but I cannot begin to explain the purity of love, joy, and expansion I feel in aligning with that truth.

I have been discovering more in-depth ways to explore and play with the Law of Attraction (LOA). The main component that people miss within this law is that we cannot produce results effectively if we are sending conflicting signals out to the universe. If we wish for something, but do not believe it can be ours, sometimes we will get it and sometimes not. It is pretty straightforward. Consistency is key to manifesting what you seek. If you want to know where your beliefs are, evaluate your current life experience. It becomes noticeable and gives profound insights to lead you exactly where you need to look.

How do you believe something if you do not believe it?

Try holding your focus on what you do believe. Play with aspects of life that feel good, and maintain that place as long as you can. If you find yourself desiring something but believe it is out of reach, do not focus on it at all. Focus instead on all the things that are working smoothly. When we turn our direction only to see what is working, we cultivate more of what works. You will find when you do that, that thing that felt out of reach may all of a sudden begin to fall into your lap. Alternatively, you may find you did not desire it after all, and it will organically fall away. When we only choose to see what makes us feel good, LOA will bring in more of that. It is law and is non-negotiable.

How do you let go of something you have clung to for so long?

The answer is practice, practice, practice. When we are in the habit of focusing on lack of something we want and fear it will forever be lost if we do not hold it within our focus, we are perpetuating more lack of our desire. Just because we no longer focus on something does not mean we no longer care. This experience allows us to get out of our own way and to enable the universe to drop it in. The main reason we do not acquire what we want is our resistance to receiving it. If you are focusing on something you do not have, you are in opposition to it. Can you see how the lack of it then becomes louder than gaining it? The lack of it is your current experience, so that precise aspect is where your thoughts will go. So, stop that. Get out of your way.

How do you get out of your own way?

Thoughts create beliefs. If you do not want to continue to subscribe to a belief, change your thoughts consistently until your beliefs change. The first step is catching that thought when you first think it. Then, begin to form that thought into something you would prefer.

For example – I want more money.
Let’s say you want financial abundance, but do not have it. You send out a desire to increase wealth but find it does not materialize. Quite possibly, you are sending out conflicting signals to the universe since you want something you feel you do not have. You contain a negative feeling regarding the wanting of money since you do not have it currently. The LOA attaches to your attitude regarding money, not the thought. It connects the bad feeling with the aspect of money. Can you see how this can prove to be detrimental?

As we talked about above, focus on what is working, what does feel good, and what brings you joy and happiness. When you continue to cultivate good feelings, you open the floodgates for more good to arrive. The more consistent you are in feeling good, the faster you will draw in matching experiences.

In conclusion:

We are in a time where we are finally getting to the good stuff. We spent much of last year excavating the old and now seem to be ready to get into the core. Since the new energetic codes flushed in at the end of 2018, we are moving at a quickened pace into a very new and different Earth. The old ways are being challenged, and we are asked to step up and release what no longer works. This work (better known as play) will assist you in getting to the core of all things that no longer serve. There are better ways of being, and they are effortless to access. Focus on allowing more happiness into each moment.

That is it. That is all.


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