We have officially crossed through the threshold of the ascension process and are bypassing any barriers to living our best lives! This is cause for celebration!! 

What the heck is ascension anyway? 

In simple form, ascension is the process of spiritual awakening that promotes higher level consciousness. 

Within higher consciousness comes:

  • Access to higher level wisdom
  • An elevated energetic frequency which allows for more effortless manifestation
  • Feeling lighter in body and mind
  • More freedom to live how we choose
  • Feeling more connected to ourselves and those we share life with
  • Greater access to our innate gifts and creative life force

The Earths is a living being and carries her own frequency.  The Earth herself is elevating in frequency, which then catalyzes all of humanity also to elevate. As the Earth warms and her vibration lifts, we begin to attune to a higher plane of existence, and any density (like anger, jealousy, frustration, and resentment) that does not align with that higher frequency will begin to shake loose and be released. This can surface as symptoms associated with this ascension process. 

As we elevate, we organically begin to purge and release old and out-dated ways of being. You may have witnessed or felt a bit more chaos surrounding experiences lately. You may have been getting headaches, experiencing fragmented sleep, feeling more tired than usual, feeling emotional, having old memories surfacing with no obvious catalyst, and possibly feeling the need to make significant life changes with no real clear direction. All of these ascension symptoms are signs that you are feeling the significant shifts that are currently occurring on a global scale. This may seem like a confusing time as we release all that no longer serves us. However, this is necessary and can be exciting and inspiring! 

As we are experiencing this purge, it is best to move with this energy, or downstream as they say. This is a strong current, and to flow with it will produce significant benefits. 

How to go with the flow:

  • Recognize how you have been in resistance to greater ease in your life
  • Pay attention to the emotions surfacing now as they are indicators of what is ready to be healed and released. 
  • Check in with your beliefs about who you are and how life works. Do your beliefs align with where you would like to be, or are they causing limitation in your life?
  • Release excuses of why things won’t work, and begin moving in the direction of your dreams
  • Get clear, really clear, of what you want in your life and how you would like to feel each day
  • Allow yourself to feel your feelings and honor whatever you are experiencing 

As this process continues, all will become clear. We are stepping into a new and improved way of being. The more we choose to allow this natural and organic process to unfold, the easier time we will have in moving through it.

I offer private ascension sessions and can assist you in seeing all that may be in your way of a smooth transition into the new. If you are feeling like you would like assistance in your journey, please reach out. You will know if you have been sensing a calling for something more, and I would be honored to help you step into your best life!

Sending each of you lots of fun and inspiration on your journey!

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