Do you find yourself fantasizing of your perfect life? Does it include greater financial freedom, more downtime to enjoy the simple things, or maybe traveling the world? Does that life feel easily accessible or more like just a pipe dream? These simple tools below can help you turn ALL your desires into reality!

Think about the ideas that spark within you as your inner genius wakes up. As these ideas flood into your being, you may find yourself riding out this fantasy of success, changing the world, or at the very least, changing your current situation. It feels good, right!? You feel pumped, motivated, and actually…. joyful.

But then, something happens.

Fears begin to flood in combined with a plethora of “what if’s”. What if I fail, what if I embarrass myself or my family, what if I am not skilled enough to pull this off??? In that very moment of complete polarity between extreme success and epic failure, comes a choice. Yes, you read that correctly. You have a choice what you choose to do next. You can follow in the Ego mind of fear based mentality, or you can leap into the unknown where miracles happen.

While you may understand this concept and commit to overriding your mind the next time a “Shark Tank” idea comes in, there are certain things that can assist you as you put your Ego mind to rest.

First, it is important to know that our brains are wired to avoid discomfort.

When a life-changing idea or opportunity comes in, we know at some level that means change is coming. Change can be a scary thing because we do not know what to expect, we are asked to abandon the comfort of our current situation (even if it is uncomfortable anyway), and we may be living for the expectations of others. All of these things can throw us in panic mode and complete stagnation in our direction. It may feel “safer” to remain exactly where we are. But, is it?

We can override that mode of thinking once we are tuned into that primal reaction. As we have evolved, if something felt threatening, fight or flight mode kicked in and we handled it purely on instinct. We are no longer running for our lives and survival now looks like having time to catch up on a Netflix series we have been following. Times are changing and we are being asked to keep up! These instincts are still very real, but now is a good time to question in what ways they are actually serving us.

Check in with your Counsel

It is extremely important when approaching major life decisions that your counsel is unbiased and looking at the situation with an open mind. If those you rely on are giving advice that is fear-based, you can see how that is not the most productive guidance. The more we can align with our true selves and others on similar paths, the greater clarity we can extract from situations and make decisions based on our greatest good vs the alternative.

How to make change:

When fear kicks in, get friendly with it and ask if there is actually something to fear.

I like to ask myself, “If I do this, what is the worst that can happen?, Then, what is the worst that happen from that? Then, if those things happen, what is the worst that can happen from that point?” Once you really dig in, you most likely will find that even if all your fears come true, you will still be alright! Many times, fears are just smoke and mirrors that appear much bigger than they actually are. Instead of running from them, take a good look. You will see.

Start small

Fighting fears is something you can practice. No one really learns how to combat fears until they are asked to step through one. If we are not versed at it, we can feel overwhelmed, scared, and instinctually want to bolt. It is ok to feel those things. The more you find comfort in being slightly uncomfortable, the more you can master your fears. Begin with something that really doesn’t matter too much. Once you practice with fears that are not life changing and build confidence in overcoming them, you can graduate onto the challenges that really matter to you.

Kindness and compassion to Self

We are here to evolve. We are not meant to know how to do everything. Part of the reason we chose to incarnate was to practice. Allow yourself that basic right and stop being so hard on yourself! Take it one step further and laugh at yourself! It is a beautiful practice as you learn to not take life too seriously. One additional thought on that is to celebrate failures the same way you do success. Each experience offers the same outcome = lessons learned. Once you stop judging the experiences, an amazing amount of pressure is released and you are more free to step into your creativity! And if you did not know, that is where the magic happens!

Release limited thinking

Many times, people will stall out due to perceived obstacles. I know this one is tricky to believe, but money is not an obstacle, unless you allow it to be. In what world did we gain this mindset that we cannot spend money on the things that matter to us most? If you want to start a business, do not choose to focus on all the reasons why financially it would not work. Once you put your dreams into action, the universe shows up and meets us. Every time. If you feel compelled towards something, it is because you are meant to have it. Who told you that you can’t? Fear did. It is belief and a mindset that prevents you from evolving your life, your business, your relationships, etc. It is a choice to follow the fear, and it is a choice to believe that your existence here is supported in ways you cannot imagine. Once you play with this energy and learn all the ways that you are deeply supported, nothing will ever stand in your way again. This is a lesson many of us came here to learn. Just sayin’.


To take the above concept one step further, trust is a Collective theme right now. We can easily trust we are taken care of when things are bright and shiny. What about when they look ominous and scary? Where does your trust scale fall then? We are being challenged to continue to trust in the greater process and divine timing of things even if it appears to be the exact opposite in this realm. Now THAT is pushing devotion to the challenge. If you can learn to trust that all your needs are cared for, in all ways, at all times, you uplevel your vibration and make it so. Yes, it is that easy.

We are lucky that we have a lifetime to practice. 😉


  1. Hi Jean,

    It’s the divine timing and inspiration you mention here in this post that brought me here to your work and to you, when I so needed to hear (read) this.
    I resonate with what you’ve said even though I got ‘derailed’ from this journey, I know it’s ok, it’s all ok.. I am back on it now, and I can choose to be back on it anytime, and there is really nothing to worry about. There’s no race. I can do this at my own pace. We all can.
    I deeply resonated with your presence and your posts and felt to share this now.
    I would love to work with you.
    Sending back your beautiful energy, you are blessed.

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Karina. I am happy to hear you are on path and finding many blessings along the way!If you are interested in any private work, reach out to Jean@JeanAtman.com and we can chat about your needs. I do have a few available spots for next year. Sending much love your way!

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