We all have heard about the benefits of meditation. I always thought about it the same way I did when my massage therapist told me to drink plenty of water after a massage. I would think,  “yeah, yeah, yeah…whatever you say…” , and drink a bit more than usual, until I became a therapist myself and actually understood why it is so important! Sometimes we do not understand the relevance of things simply until we are ready to. That’s ok – no judgements here!


The biggest reason I hear that people have trouble meditating is that they can not still their minds.  They say, “I have tried to sit there quietly, and focus on my breath, and all I can think about is my to-do-list, grocery shopping, my date last night, etc”. First of all, who told you that you needed to sit there?? True, that is a beautiful form of meditation, but so is running, paddle boarding, listening to music, punching a bag, yoga, etc. Meditation can be anything that connects you. It can connect you more deeply to your body, mind and spirit, to Source, God (whatever your preference is), and to the unified consciousness. Meditation is unplugging from stress, the daily grind, and the pressures of life, in order to give you clarity of thinking, and the ability to reconnect to YOU. Once you give yourself permission to follow what type of meditation feels right for you, that is the first step to tuning in to many other facets of self. You are already on your way!! It is simply a matter of perception. 🙂


When I first began my meditation practice, I needed to give my mind something to do, So, I decided to focus on clearing my chakras (major energy centers in the body, for those who are unfamiliar). Woah! What a crazy experience!!!!! I really wanted to get in depth and FEEL each chakra and what it was doing. I moved up from my root chakra, all the way up reaching my crown, clearing and balancing each one as I ascended up. I was nearing the end as I was  moving on to my upper chakras when I noticed my body shifting on its own. I had the sensation of floating on waves, and my neck felt like it wanted to stretch and open at my throat. It was sort of intense, so I called on my go-to, Archangel Michael, to help pull me out of the depth of my meditation. At that moment, I sensed a huge male presence on my right and a large hand guided my head to rest on his shoulder. Sounds nice, right? But, no one was there in the physical! I felt into the presence a bit and it found it to be safe, warm, and strong. So, I sat there, slightly freaked out, but slowly allowing this miracle to penetrate into my mind and heart. That was my introduction to AA Michael’s energy and presence. So beautiful!


After a bit, a sat upright as I was feeling another presence on my left. It was a more feminine presence and she indicated her name was Saint Brigit. I did not know who that was at the time, but began a dialogue with her. I was amazed at the depth of information I was able to receive and could feel as her wisdom resonated more deeply than I have ever experienced. I asked about my relationship, my purpose, my reason for being, etc. There was nothing that was off limits. Towards the end of the conversation, she told me, the reason I had felt so restless my entire life was because I had been searching for my connection back to them. That, sadly was the only thing I remembered from my conversation with my new BFF. It was like the slate was just wiped clean once I re-entered the physical world. But, I was left with the possibility of revisiting her and asking again! So, began my relationship with the Archangels and Ascended Masters, and I have never looked back!


I learned several things during that amazing evening of meditation. I learned the importance of finding alignment within my own energy centers, and how open I could be once I found my center. I learned how to tap into my own innate sense of wisdom within Self. I deepened my connection with dimensions that have always been at my fingertips. And most importantly, I journeyed back to my origin and began to remember the potential we hold here. I have been sharing this fascinating journey with everyone I can since.


It is important to recognize the significance that each one of us carries. When we find our center and take some time to reconnect to that piece of ourselves, we begin to see more clearly why we are here, now, during this time. Once we do that, life opens in whole new ways. So, if you have been compelled to begin or deepen your meditation practice, remember, honor your own personal expression of it. You never know where it will lead you!!


Happy meditating!!


~ Jean


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