We may have heard that phrase, “Watch your P’s and Q’s!!”  as children and knew that we would get in big trouble if we weren’t on our best behavior. Even though we may have wanted to misbehave and run around like crazy people, we refrained, held our energy close, and found some discipline. Well, kids, it seems we are running another cycle of growth currently may be in need of a time-out.

A Time Out? Seriously??

Yes!! We need some time. The energy has been chaotic and many people are finding themselves at the mercy of it and its fast movement. It is leaving people feeling a bit off and emotions seem to be at an all-time high. It is time to take a step back and evaluate what is yours and what may be the product of everything else shifting around you. It is time to find your ground and your center and come back into how you feel, aside from everyone and everything else.

Pitocin pain

A few weeks ago, I was feeling an incredible amount of pain from a situation that was not a big deal, but I found myself almost unable to recover from it. I felt deep grief, anger, and just wanted isolation. I do enjoy my solitude immensely, but this was a desire to push people away more than enjoying some alone time. This is not a normal way of being for me and I knew something was very off.  I sought the advice and healing from a dear friend of mine and he cleared my field and helped me to re-establish balance. We found that this intense pain was not mine but something that had been imposed into my field.

I call this Pitocin pain for a very personal reason. When I had my daughter, my labor stalled when I got to the hospital. I tried everything to encourage it, but hours later, she was not budging. I finally agreed to try Pitocin. I found myself in violent contractions that were several minutes long with a 15-second break in between with no time to recover. The pain was so great that I could barely function. I trust the body’s ability to birth naturally, but there was nothing natural about the intensity of that pain. I then had my youngest daughter at home and although labor is painful, it was much easier to work with that level of natural pain. We innately know how to balance it. Why am I sharing such personal information? I am hoping to help you differentiate between what is naturally yours to deal with and what is not.

How to differentiate

If you are finding it is more challenging to navigate your emotions, feeling like your relationship dynamics carry a bit more sensitivity, or are unsure what is triggering you, you may be overdue for a clearing. If you know yourself at all, you know on a typical day how you feel. You know things that set you off, and experiences and people that make you happy. When you begin to notice that nothing in your day feels like your “normal”, it is time to take your time out.

A very important piece of this puzzle is to remember this is not you. These amplified emotions are a temporary state of being that indicate the need for balance and clearing. These emotions allow the gift of discernment and a redefining of where you would like to be. It can be a great purge of old and outdated belief systems if you can see through the crazy long enough to recalibrate.

How to clear

First, it is vital you are aware of how you feel. People can become so reactive at times that it becomes difficult to see the truth of what is truly happening around us. Take a moment, or several, and feel through your feelings.

What emotions are you feeling? Anger, sadness, frustration, etc? (Remember that frustration is simply anger turned inward)


Where do you feel it in your body?


Can you identify what the deeper trigger is? Self-doubt, fear of rejection, abandonment, etc

If so, can you find the gift of wisdom in that trigger? In other words, we know that triggers present themselves as indicators that something needs to be healed. It is a true gift. What is your trigger telling you that is ready to heal?


Does this trigger justify the intensity of your emotions? 


When you identify these things, you can clear and heal more permanently. Begin to tune into where the pain resides. Send breath and golden light there with the intentions of clearing and transmuting the pain. As everything is energy, pain is simply a vibration of that energy. We can shift it into something better, something brighter, and something lighter if we choose to.


Another important piece of the healing puzzle

It is vital right now to not only try to understand how you feel but to communicate those feelings with those you share life with. When big shifts like this happen, life can become confusing. What was a standard operating procedure now has flipped and people may not know how to respond. That is OK!! There is a huge learning curve with the pace of this evolutionary time. Approach these changes with a curiosity of mind and heart and allow yourself and others extra care and compassion.

Being in this great time of change, anything that no longer serves you will attempt to move out of your life. This is a beautiful time to gain great strides in understanding what you want to maintain and what you would like to release. Allow some time each day to tune into Self. Evaluate your feelings and discern what is your stuff and what simply needs to move out. Dismiss distractions that are keeping you from your true north. Give yourself time to see and just BE.

If you find yourself in need of energy clearing, seeking greater clarity on your triggers, or are looking for greater balance in your life, please take a peek at my work. You will know when you are ready! 😉

Sending each of you clarity, balance, and Ah-ha moments!

~ Jean


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