We have all been hurt at one point or another in our lives. The energy of hurt can be intense and consuming. We tend to base decisions we make on past hurts as we do not want to feel pain and at times go to great lengths to avoid it. But is that in our best interest? What if we were able to release that hurt and make clean and clear decisions that were unbiased and actually based on our exact present moment and circumstance?

I was in meditation today and asked what we, as a collective, need to evolve further and step more into unconditional love. The energy of hurt surfaced. I asked to see how it presents itself in the body. I was shown an old-fashioned glass bottle of Coke. The glass being a solid substance, heavy but transparent, seemed to contain the hurt. The bottle contained the dark substance that at first may seem appealing, but we all know how it eats away at our insides.

Exploding the hurt??

I asked how to release it. We know what happens if we shake up a bottle of Coke. It explodes with such force and releases almost all the contents of the bottle. We would be angry if we actually wanted to consume some of it, but imagine how effectively that works if we don’t. As everything is energy, sometimes we need to remember that we can simply move it out. We do not need to process the hurt, talk about it, or drudge up all the old and painful memories associated with it. We just need to release it.

Let. That. Shit. Go.

Is it really that easy?

Yes, it is. Hurt is a vibration. Stress is a vibration. Joy is a vibration. We have a choice in what vibration we choose to live in. We have been programmed to think that we are at the mercy of life and circumstance. What some of us have failed to learn is that is not true. We are powerful and infinite beings. Having a physical body does not change that. We are not limited by our physicality but can be assisted by it if we can become open to the experience.

How do we locate stuck energy?

When you tune into the energy of where you feel hurt, what do you feel? Do you feel a constriction in your chest? Possibly a hollow area in your stomach? Maybe your head hurts. The body offers signs in attempts to let us know there is a misalignment, stagnant energy, or possibly a deficiency of energy. Instead of feeling frustrated that you have yet another ache or pain, begin to ask the body what it needs. It is simply trying to get your attention. Once you gain the ability to translate information from the body, then you can change it.

Do you see how the body is a wonderful tool if we listen? Offer it LOVE and a voice and it will always guide you.

How do we heal the energy of hurt?

Hurt is heavy feeling. It usually involves deep levels of discomfort. Hurt begins to heal when we remove ourselves from the painful experience. There may be an element of intensity that follows it, but remember that is a temporary state of being. That feeling comes from being deeply enmeshed in a certain energy and moving through many layers of vibration while shifting quickly into another. It can leave us feeling a bit road rashed. If you prepare for that, you will find it easier to make changes.

Once we work through the initial energy shift, we begin to find the flow of the new one. It is a process of acclimation and removing the residue so we do not feel pulled back into the energy we are attempting to move away from. Energy clearing is a profound tool in order to assist in moving energy out more thoroughly and making permanent changes. Once we address the energy of hurt and balance it, we are free of it. Clearing doesn’t discern one type of hurt from another. It just clears anything that is imbalanced. It truly is a beautiful and magical gift. We are all capable of this.

Find your flow!

Any movement you create in your life begins as energy, then solidifies into your experiences. If you feel stuck in your life, check into how your energy body is functioning. When we remove energetic blocks or stuck energy that seem to be consuming our experience, we change our reality. In addition, once we learn how powerful we are at creating our reality, we begin to bring a new sense of mindfulness to our thoughts. I would encourage you to check in with your belief systems to see what beliefs are serving you and which ones are limiting you.

Stay tuned for an upcoming article regarding how to release limiting beliefs!!

In the meantime, I am wishing each of you endless flow and deep healing of all that weighs on you.

Sending huge waves of love and light!!

~ Jean


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