Many people are experiencing massive changes and shifts during this time of ascension. Some may find that things and people are seemingly being removed from their lives – whether they want to release them or not. Others may be actively participating in the purging process of removing all that does not serve their best interest. Either way, we are being asked, or gently nudged, to step into deeper levels of empowerment and self-expression.

This process of ascension is a beautiful unfoldment of soul growth and expansion, if we allow it to be. Some may enter into it kicking and screaming as they do not like change. But, let me assure you, this is happening. There is nothing to fear during this time, as all is divinely orchestrated for our highest good. It would serve us if we began to trust in the process. Not only trust in it but find joy in it as well!

Throughout childhood, we have been subject to others’ ideas, ideals, thoughts, patterns, and beliefs. We are being asked now to take a step back and re-evaluate what those are and if they are in alignment with our true nature. If they are not, it is time to let those things move out of our field permanently.

The struggle is real… or is it?

We are also being asked to release the need for struggle. Many are stepping into jobs, relationships, and life patterns that better resonate with each individual. It is time to find what works for YOU now. This is no time to pacify others’ expectations, or motives. It is a time to really think about who you are as an individual and in what ways best represent you. When we begin to be in better alignment with Self, the struggles in life begin to diminish.

How do we align ourselves?

It is simple. We raise our vibration. Inherently, we vibrate to the energy of love and joy. That is our true state of being. But throughout life, we begin to forget that and allow overwhelm of life to take over. Basically, we allow our vibrations to depress, and can sometimes even take on that state of being, as depression. Are you beginning to see how this works?

So, what is vibration? Our vibration is our personal energy signature. It is composed of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and experiences. From that, it serves as a frequency of energy that determines what we draw into our present reality. To break it down, our emotions carry frequencies. For instance, anger carries a frequency. Love carries a frequency. Based on the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. So, if we remain in the frequency of anger, guess what we draw in? More things that will support that vibration. If we resonate in the frequency of love, we will draw in more things and people that will reflect that.

Easier said than done?

True, our thoughts do dictate much of our experiences, but what do we do when we face those experiences that we created earlier in darker times? I have talked about the power of choice in other articles I have written. Again, it is a matter of choice. We can choose to stay in say, anger, or we can become more conscious beings and work to lift ourselves up just a little bit. Even moving from anger to frustration is a step up. Be realistic! It is much more manageable to move from anger to frustration than from anger to joy. Baby steps will get you far! The main goal here is simple. Lift your vibration. The more consistently you can lift your vibration, the higher your vibrational levels will remain, and you will begin to draw in an entirely new set of circumstances. This is an accessible action you can do in order to change your life. Simply by becoming aware of your behaviors, thoughts, and responses to experiences, you can transform Self from the inside out. Your outer worlds will reflect what is happening in your inner worlds. Always.

To Recap

If you want to live a more satisfying life, acknowledge your feelings when they arise. Become a more conscious and aware being of your responses to external stimuli. Then rise up to the next higher emotion as you choose to leave the old one behind you. Each time you do this, you call forth a much greater energy of positive change. Before you know it, life will flow with ease. We are not meant to struggle. We are meant to lead abundant and joyful lives. And now you have one of the most simple and profound ways of doing just that!!

Love and Blessings!!

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