We as human beings all have a backstory, a past. It is composed of ideas and feelings of what we have experienced thus far in our lives and many times base our future expectations on what our past has shown us. We conceptualize our lives based on what we say to ourselves and other people, and especially how we feel about it. We are what we think and feel, after all.

Are we our worst enemy?

Our personal narrative sends a powerful message to the energy we create around us. If we are constantly telling our backstory of hurt and betrayal, then guess what? That is the energy we are choosing to perpetuate. We get what we expect. Period. The interesting thing is, sometimes, in reality, certain things are not even as we perceive them to be, but our perception is so strong that we only see what we want to see. Are we creating chaos where none exists? Remember, our thoughts will eventually create our reality, even faster now than ever!

Our thoughts affect our emotional bodies, physical bodies, energetic and spiritual bodies, and eventually ripple out to create our reality. Imagine the impact we are making with each thought that crosses our minds each day! What if we chose to rise to a different vibration? What if we chose to value ourselves in new ways and see the sheer awesomeness within each one of us? Instead of acting out a victim role, what if we chose an alternative? It is always a choice. But remember the most important part which begins with your thoughts of self!

Reclaiming your right to a beautiful life.

Our language of self-care and self-love is certainly in need of attention and has been less than perfect for quite some time. In our dominant society, it is a term that can even evoke eye-rolling and criticism. We are taught to be tough and keep going no matter what. But at what expense? Self-care is not a luxury reserved for the privileged. It is necessary for self-preservation! This is a movement that requires attention and action. Simply saying we are going to make changes is not enough.

The change begins with our belief about ourselves.

How worthy do we feel about receiving care? How much do we love ourselves and allow others to love us? Do we feel comfortable asking for help when we need it? Do we deserve it? Damn right we do! There is not one person or demographic that is more deserving than another. We all have a basic right to love, compassion and care from self and others.

We may find it challenging at first to implement self-love and care. It can be a pretty foreign concept to some. There are many competing forces that could challenge us in our attempts and we may wonder if all the change is worth it. Please hear me when I say that it is in every way possible! Many people are making this shift and the more one person can embrace this as necessary and important, that creates energy for more to follow. What a beautiful unfoldment when by doing something good for self automatically opens doors for others to follow suit. Are you beginning to see how this works?

So, what does Self-love and care look like exactly??

When you begin your journey to greater care of self, begin to think about what brings you pleasure and joy. What feels good to you? Years ago, a close friend of mine asked me a thought-provoking question. She asked me what my life would look like if I only did things for my highest good. How would that change my daily routine, commitments I had made, and obligations that were expected of me? Woah… Life would certainly look very different than my current reality! So, I began to ask myself that question. A lot. When something would surface and I wondered if I should do it, I would simply make it a practice to go within and to ask if it was for my highest good. If it wasn’t, I simply would speak my truth and honor myself by not doing it. In simplest terms, self-love is placing your needs as a priority. Once you begin to care for self, life begins to change in miraculous ways!

And remember…

Self-care, self-love or self-preservation, whatever you would like to call it, is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and the collective whole. We need to be here for the long haul. We need to maintain a strong current and we will be unable to do that with burn out. It is time to take the reigns of this movement and step into something greater than where we have been.

Instead of focusing on past hurts and/or disappointments, try refocusing on being mindful of how you treat yourself. If you are feeling down, do something to lift yourself back up! The more you care for yourself, the universe will respond in kind with others who match that vibration. Then, life truly does take on a delicious new flavor!

It all starts with YOU!

Thanks for reading! Sending each one of you huge waves of love!!

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