In our fast-paced world, it can be easy to become distracted from our sense of self. We can lose sight of our goals, we sometimes let external sources influence how we see things, and we maybe follow a belief system that isn’t even authentic to us. When I feel off-kilter, I always check in with my chakras to re-establish a deep sense of balance throughout my energy field, my mind, and my body. When our chakras are in balance, the rest of our world also gains alignment.

What are Chakras?

Our Chakra system consists of disks, which are energy centers throughout the body that express the embodiment of spiritual energy on the physical plane. These disks spin and penetrate through our field. They are not physical in nature on their own, but can certainly affect our physical functioning. There are 7 major chakras that run through the center of the body from the base of the spine to just above the top of the head, as well as minor ones throughout the extremities. These energy centers are responsible for receiving, assimilating, and expressing life force energy. If they are not functioning properly, we can feel very off balance, angry, irritated, unmotivated, tired, fearful, have lack of healthy boundaries, and the list goes on and on… Balance is vital to leading a healthy life!

Where are Chakras located?

Each chakra has a location, a function, and a color associated with it. The lower 3 are associated with more practical and earthly matters including survival, sexuality, and power. The upper 3 are associated with mental realms and embrace more etheric concepts. The middle chakra, the heart, serves as the bridge between and is the center of our lower manifestations, and outward expansion.


What happens when our Chakras are blocked?

We can most likely feel when something is off in our lives. When habitual patterns show up time and time again, it can be reflective as to what could be happening in our chakra system. For instance, if we struggle with our finances and just don’t feel secure, it can indicate a block in our root chakra. If we feel disempowered and like we can not take our own stand in life, we would then check in with the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus. Each chakra has its own function, as well as dysfunction if it is not in a balanced state.

Causes of dysfunction can include emotional or physical trauma, stress, anxiety, habits, current external environment, or just lack of attention to your energetic body.

How do we find balance in them?

We can learn to check in and correct their functionality through breath work, dowsing, yoga, exercise, visualization, energy healing, and meditation. (See guided meditation below) When correcting any imbalances in the chakra system, that energy will translate out into the physical plane and can shift the energy of your external world. It can be a very profound and powerful practice and is very easy to integrate into daily life.

When our chakras are in balance, are drawn to healthy ways of sexual expression, we feel empowered and gain greater ease in the decision-making process, we feel connected to our sense of self and a higher power, we gain clarity in our direction and purpose in life, and most importantly, we are able to give and receive love in the way we are meant to – unconditionally. All of these aspects can be achieved by taking a few moments each day for some self-care to recalibrate your field. I have made it easy for you and included a meditation to try. It is a great place to start!

Guided Imagery Chakra Meditation

Sit or lay down in a comfortable position. Begin to deepen your breath slightly, focusing on the sensation of the inhale and exhale. How does it feel to take in breath/life force energy?

Allow yourself to feel the pleasure of the experience. When we hold our breath, we also hold our emotions and tension in the body. Focus your intent to release any areas of tension or stuck energy.

Begin your focus on your Root Chakra. Its color is red. It is located at the base of your spine. This is the beautiful place that allows us to ground our energy into the earth. To gain the support of Mother Earth and to feel into the deep stability and infinite levels of love she offers us. Check in with this energy center at the base of your spine. What does it feel like? Does it feel stuck? Does it feel like it is spinning? Can you sense any movement there? The more you tune into your chakras, the easier it becomes to discern how they are functioning. If you feel nothing, no worries. The work you do here today, and each day following greatly impacts the functionality of your chakra system. Continue to breathe in the color red with focused intent on this area until you feel like the process is complete. Learn to trust your judgment as you explore your energetic body.

Moving up now to your Sacral Chakra. Its color is orange. It is located just below the belly button. This is the place where we tap into our sexuality, our sensuality, and our creativity. The place where we begin to be open to greater levels of pleasure in our lives. The place where nurturance of self and others resides, and the place where healthy boundaries stem from. Tune in to see what you feel here. Begin to breathe the color orange into this space. Do this until you feel complete.

Moving up into the Solar Plexus. Its color is yellow. It is located at the base of the sternum. This energy center is the place of personal power, good self-esteem, confidence, and a balanced and effective will. Take a few moments now to tune into the energy movement of this space. Breathe in the color yellow until you feel complete.

Moving up now into the Heart Chakra. Its color is green and resides in the middle of the chest over your heart space. When clear, this energy center allows us to give and receive love in deeper and more profound ways. When balanced in your heart space, you no longer feel a fear of rejection, abandonment or loss. You feel compassionate, loving, peaceful and balanced. When sending breath into this space, focus on expanding and opening. We all have experienced hurt here. It can be a sensitive spot. Be gentle with yourselves as you explore this space, and know that as you send energy and breath here, you are empowering yourself in healing past hurts. Remain here with focused intent until you feel complete.

Moving up now into your 5th chakra, your Throat. Its color is blue and located directly over your throat. When balanced here, you will feel greater ability to speak your mind and your truth. You will carry a deeper resonance in your voice and you will find others listening to your words more deeply. You may find your listening skills will improve. You will find greater ease in communicating. Allow yourself some time now to breathe in the color blue into this space. Envision movement here. Do this until you feel complete.

Moving up into your Third Eye, your 6th chakra. Its color is indigo and is located on your forehead just above the center of your eyebrows. This is the space of clarity, intuition, and sight. Clearing this space will assist in keeping headaches at bay. It will give you a clearer sense of direction on your path and life purpose. It allows you a greater ability to tune into your intuitive gifts and gain deeper insights into your inner and outer worlds. Breathe in the color indigo until you feel complete here.

Lastly, moving up into your 7th chakra, your Crown. Its color is violet and is located just above your head. This space is profound. This connection allows you to become more deeply spiritually connected, to receive information from Source, and the ability to assimilate that information to gain new levels of understanding. As you breathe into this space, direct your intent upwards in an expanded way. Reach upwards. Allow the beautiful and perfect connection to be re-established. Continue to breathe violet into this space until you feel complete.

Now, I implore you to sit quietly with your breath and feel what your body feels like. Do you sense a new rhythm and flow? Has your vibration shifted? Do you feel lighter? If you sense any additional places of tension, simply send breath there until it clears. Now begin to come back gently into your physical form and settle back into your body. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Breath into a smile and see how that shifts your field.

Remember, you are a powerful being with beautiful abilities to heal yourself! Trust in that!

If you find you would like a deeper clearing of your field, please connect with me so I can assist you in creating a balanced baseline for you to continue your work in an easier way.

Sending each of you peace, love, and balance!


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